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90 Day One-on One Coaching Program With

Nick Trigili, Former Mr. USA & IFBB Pro

The exact program that got over 1000 people to slice off fat, build muscle and find the key balance between their fitness, training and lifestyle.

They took the challenge, what’s your excuse?

The Core Elements we Focus on!

1. Health & Wellness

2. Training & Nutrition

3. Mindset

4. Accountably

The Program Includes:

Customized Training Plan: This will be specifically designed to get your muscles to grow and poke out of your skin. I will give you all the secrets that took me over 20 year to figure out on my own. You will easily break past your plateaus and consistently see yourself lifting heavier, with greater technique and muscle contraction.

Customized Nutrition and Diet Plan: Let me make something clear, this will not be a boring chicken, broccoli and rice program, and neither will you have to sacrifice your lifestyle to get a six If you want to stick to a diet, it should be fun, healthy and enjoyable. You will get the optimal diet that pushes you forward towards your goals and fits your lifestyle.

Health Monitoring: It doesn’t matter how good you look with your shirt off if you don’t feel happy and healthy inside. I’ve battled with so many health issues during my 20 year career in fitness and bodybuilding and I do not want you to face the same issues. Your health will be monitored by VIVO Specialists to make sure you are on the right track.

Frequent Check-ins: Let Your training, diet and overall performance will be constantly monitored by myself. I want to make sure you are making consistent gains both in how you look and how you feel. And one more thing, I will be pushing you harder than anybody else so if you need a partner that holds you accountable, this program is for YOU.

But that’s not all! If you sign up today…

You Will Get Over

$397 with Bonuses

Full Access to the Bodybuilding and BS Fitness App. ($100 Value)

This is a cutting-edge fitness app that will allow you to take your training and fitness progress to the next level. You will easily be able to tract your workouts, diet and even stay in touch with my self when you have any questions in regards to your diet and training.

The Bodybuilding & BS Supplement Guide ($79 Value):

You will get over 20 years of knowledge and experience on supplements and how to use them to: Maximize your progress in the gym. Enhance your recovery. Improve your health and sleep.

The Ultimate Muscle Building Recipe Book ($99 Value)

I shared my TOP 20 healthy, tasty & high protein recipes in this book and I doubt you can find them anywhere else on the internet. (These are so easy to make even a 15 year old could do it)

The Only 15 Exercises Needed to Build a Masculine Physique: ($60 value)

If you want to grow that flaring chest, broad shoulders, thick back and get strong as f*ck, these will be the only exercises you will ever need for the rest of your life

Meal Prep and Flexible Dieting Guide:($59 value)

A step-by-step guide on how to prep a weeks meal in on hour, the secrets to staying in shape during your “off season” and when you are traveling. How to hit your protein goal every single day, and how to fit treats in your diet.

You will get all these bonuses when you sign up and…

You are GUARANTEED to get in the Best Shape of Your Life in 2024

Plus You Will Get Over

$397 with Bonuses!

3 Month Coaching Package


As low as $56/mo with . Learn more


Plus You Will Get Over

$397 with Bonuses!


$400.00 / PER MONTH

$400.00 / Day Add to cart

As low as $56/mo with . Learn more

30 Day BB & BS Guarantee:

My training and diet programs have been *battle-tested* and proven to work over the last 15 years, and helped over 1000 clients achieve their fitness goals and dream physique.

I stand by the quality of my work, expertise, service and I’m committed to help you in each and every step of the way to get the guesswork out of the equation.

But even then, If, within the first *30 days* of completing the activities, following the program, and putting your honest effort into the program, you do not feel satisfied with the results, support, or guidance you receive, please reach out at and we’ll gladly provide you with a refund. *No Hard Feelings!*

100% Customized Training and Diet Plans

The training and diet programs are *100% customized* for each client by myself. This is not some cookie-cutter “one-size fits all” type of program.

From the exercise you do in the gym to your diet and supplementation, everything is personalized and Since we want to make sure each and every client gets our undivided attention and a completely personalized experience, *we only have a limited number of spaces available at a time.*

Once the spots for one-on-one coaching are filled, you might have to wait 1-2 weeks to get on board, so if you want to get your *2024 Training and Diet program* dialed in as fast a possible, sign up today and start crushing your fitness goals!