Will Kali Muscle Stop Steroids? – Written article

I got into bodybuilding because I generally just loved bodybuilding. I have been a die hard fan of the sport since I was a teenager. I was obsessed and I woke up with a smile on my face. I go to bed with a smile on my face. I make these videos with a smile on my face and there’s a feeling I get from covering the sport and from being a bodybuilder when I was competing that nothing else in my life gives me. Alright so today’s video is pretty interesting Kali muscle. Put out a new video talking about all the PED’S he used throughout his life. Now some people were that dumb to think that he was natural even though Kali never really came out and admitted to using them until recently. I can’t believe that some people actually think this guy was natural. Now if you did believe he was natural you deserve to be trolled. 

So we’re gonna review Kali muscle’s video today and there’s a couple of points in this video I want to discuss with you guys and basically get my opinion on and react to it. So let’s play the Kali muscles video. Talking about the pds he used and how much he used tell you guys my experience with PED’S And it was back in 2000 I want to say six or seven when a friend of mine that I knew for a lot of years was a competitive bodybuilder. Um He told me that I would come in and kill the bodybuilding game. So I listened to him, I seen he was winning local shows, he gave me my first dose of sustenance because I was scared of needles or whatever, so he did it the first four times alright, so I thought this was pretty funny to talk about because my experience is very similar when I started out, but a much different story because of a much different timeline because I started steroids at 15 years old. Yeah, I was a baby, He was 30 so much different timeline, much different point in my life than he was and of course any 15 year olds probably scared of a needle and I was petrified of them but I wanted to do steroids so freaking bad, I did not care about the pain or anything, I wasn’t even thinking of the consequences then if I was 30 I probably really considering like what do these things do to me, what are the consequences of taking them now since I was 15? I also wasn’t thinking that far ahead like are these gonna damage me or he’s gonna hurt me? 

I was just thinking I want to get super jacked and look crazy and be strong in the gym. It was very short minded, but I was 15 years old. What did you expect? But Kali starting at 30 you know it’s a late, that’s a late bloomer for steroids, it’s very late actually and I just covered Ronnie Coleman’s story and he started at 30 years old. To coincidentally if I was 30 years old and I’m watching this video I’m 30 years old or even 20 or whatever age you are, most people don’t ever stop for a long time because it gets very addicting and not because the drugs addicting because you’re gonna love how you feel, especially if you’re starting these P. D. S. And you’re in the gym which I hope you are. And you’ve been training, you’re gonna see instant results where before you really didn’t see that good results that fast. It took you a long time to achieve results. Most people are watching this. So once you start taking these and you are already into a healthy and fit life and your training you’re not gonna want to stop and then you’re gonna be like me who looks back 20 years later and you never came off before, be careful and think about what you’re doing before you do them. And doing those four shows. I went on test, I went on any winstrol always took an arimidex, took Lasix, all the stuff that harms you. During the time of me doing these bodybuilding shows. I studied a minimum of eight hours a day. I bought all the antibiotics books. I was on Google eight hours a day because everybody does the same workouts, everybody takes the same supplements, it’s how you stack. 

So a couple of interesting things, he just said he names some drugs that he used to take these drugs are gonna vary because whether you’re trying to build muscle when you’re trying to cut down lose body fat if you’re pre contest how old you are if you’re a male if you’re a female and also your experience level. I would not suggest the same drugs with someone that’s a beginner, that’s someone that’s advanced. So all these things are gonna really depend on where you’re at in your career with taking PED’S. That’s gonna be vastly different for everybody now as far as educating yourself on these things. Unfortunately when I was coming up there really weren’t places to go online to look for this information. You guys and gals have plenty of information almost too much because now everyone’s an expert. Everyone claims they have the secret. Everyone claims they know how steroids respond to your body. Everyone knows the side effects. Everyone knows the pros and cons. So you have to be very very careful who you listen to. So I suggest you go watch multiple people. Go read things. Go look at literature, look at studies and do your own research on what people are saying. Do not just watch a video on me or Kali whoever your favorite influencer is and just believe whatever we say fact check these things because sometimes people say the wrong thing. Sometimes people mean the wrong things. Most of the time people don’t know what the funk they’re talking about. and that’s the real problem before. When I was coming up. At least I had, and I was forced to go read papers and literature and research on things and know how they work. Now. It’s much easier to go on youtube and click the drug you want to use and figure out what it does from some influencer. It tells you how it works and now you’re lazy because that information came so easily. You’re not gonna go research, You’re gonna believe them and that’s fine. I’m not saying it’s wrong. Just do a little more research before you actually do that. Drugs are what I’m telling you. Everybody does the same workouts, everybody takes the same supplements is how you stack the pads, You know what I mean? Let’s go cause the look you want or the look that you are trying to achieve, I knew I wanted to stay full, but look shredded. So I had to try, I had to try T3 and so I was experimenting based, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I didn’t have an advisor. Uh, the guys I knew were the amateurs that were guessing as well. 

Now you guys are also very lucky because you can hire a good coach and then there’s very far and few between good coaches. Now if you do end up finding a good coach, you can really speed this process up because they can teach you and tell you what to take, as long as that coach knows what he’s talking about because you’ve got to be careful with these coaches nowadays because most coaches are just looking to put you on something very general, give you a very general guideline to file because they’re not trying to make anything specific for you because that’s too much work or they might not even know how to do that. So, because making custom tailored plans as a coach is a lot of work and you got to really learn that athlete before you do that as a coach. If you hire me, I can’t do one phone call with you and expect to learn everything about you and know exactly what you need and how to eat and how to train, there’s a huge learning curve to that. If a coach out of the gate wants to give you eight billion things and do all this craziness, I’d probably keep it moving and find a new coach because he probably doesn’t care about you at all now, as far as stacking them correctly. Yes, he’s absolutely correct. Certain drugs work better with certain drugs and the outcome of those drugs working together is really depending on what you’re trying to do because if you’re bulking that requires some drugs, if you’re trying to cut down that require specific drugs and the timing of them, the doses of them, that is very, very important, especially when you’re entering a bodybuilding show or a fitness show and you’re trying to pique your body for one day, that moment on stage, The drug manipulation, the timing is so important and I stress that all the time. Like certain things to be pulled out and put in at certain times and the doses titrate, the dose is knowing the half life. All these things come into play when you start stacking things and then you got to talk about the side effects of these drugs, working together, estrogen progesterone, there’s so many different valuables you have to pay attention to. So if you’re a beginner in this, I suggest you seek help, do not do this on your own. It’s not smart and you’re gonna end up hurting yourself. 

Let me tell you about how I got up to 70, I was 250 and decided to get on insulin. Worst thing I ever did in my life was probably besides go to prison. But so the hype was insulin became insulin and so I’m like, let me try it. Right bro, I almost died. Like what insulin does is get you to the point where you have to eat a lot of carbohydrates and it fills your muscle in with carbohydrates. What happened to me was I will never forget this day because I was helping move some stuff out of a dead person’s house and what happened was I ate a lot of carbs and I went to help move this stuff out of this person’s apartment to help my then family. And then all of a sudden I got dizzy and I started sweating. I’m like oh man I’m about to go into a coma. They call it a diabetic coma. And so I’m huffing, puffing and drenched with sweat. I had to tell my friend that I was with me at the time. Go get me a Snicker bar. You know I got the snicker bar and then after about 10-15 minutes I got insulin. Everyone wants to learn how to use insulin, Everyone wants to know about it, everyone wants to use it. My advice to you guys is to stay away from it as far and as long as you can. It’s not necessary to turn pro doesn’t work. Absolutely it works. It’s the most anabolic drug you could possibly put in your body to build muscle. So yes I’m not gonna sit here and tell you it doesn’t work. But also there’s a lot of risk involved because there’s a lot of reward involved and that’s usually how it works with PED’S  AKA Tren. 

There’s a lot of reward but there’s also a lot of side effects that come along with that. So you gotta understand what you’re signing up for and know how these drugs work. And clearly Kali did not know how insulin works because it spikes your blood sugar levels and once you take insulin you have to take in a good amount of sugar to compensate for the amount of insulin you just took a sugar or carb I should say. That’s probably what he did wrong. And also you gotta understand when you take insulin your body is gonna also overcompensate the amount of glucose it’s using because now you’re taking insulin and you’re speeding that process up. So if you’re doing extra activity when you’re taking insulin, you gotta make sure you have snickers or some type of sugar with you because you’re probably gonna go into diabetic shock if you don’t have sugar on you, your blood sugar is probably gonna drop. And like you just said the sweating, the trembles, dizziness, they can’t focus. Those are all side effects of low blood sugar but it can be easily fixed or controlled as long as you know what you’re doing. Those side effects are not typical unless you’re going into this not experience. And clearly he wasn’t. But I don’t advise anyone to take insulin. I’m just telling you guys my experience and what I know about it. This supplement will definitely help you build muscle without all the risk involved and the side effects involved. And this can work for anybody at any level male or female. 

If they want to increase their strength, they want to improve the recovery time and of course build a lot of freaking muscle and vintage build was designed to do just that and that’s why it has all three components in one product. So it makes things really easy for you guys. Now this L glutamine has classic preteen and it also has your amino acids B. C. A formula. So you’re able to get all three of those in one product and you guys can grab that by clicking the link below and using code nick Bs and for suggested use. I would say most people use this product either pre workout, intra workout or post workout or all three depending on where you’re at in your career and your fitness journey. That will depend on how many servings you need per day. Now, it was up to me and I was a pro bodybuilder at this time using it. I’d be using it multiple times a day as well, but you can also get unflavored or a flavored drink, so you can mix this with your other products you use and it makes things really easy. Check that product out below by clicking the link guys. And you know, people on the internet, they’re like, how did I have that vascular charity, which I still have now and I’m not on any of that. The vascular charity came from me keeping my estrogen low and I kept my estrogen low by staying on the remedy and the arimidex is estrogen, you know, it keeps the estrogen low. So I would stay on a remedy next year round and that’s how I kept my lean vascular hard look enquiring wanna know or how did you know that’s how guys stay vascular looking. You keep your water estrogen low and that keeps the water off your muscles. 

Now, I don’t want to sit here and tell you that Kali muscles are wrong, definitely not. Some of what he’s saying is definitely true. But the problem is the problem with taking Arimidex all year around. Like he was and probably the doses he was is very detrimental to your blood work and your health. And it’s not the healthiest thing to do. It’s gonna destroy your libido, it’s gonna destroy your lipid panels. And of course, you don’t need to be on estrogen blockers like that all year round. I would suggest you guys look at other estrogen blockers like Nolvadex or Aromasin to take over Arimidex any day of the week. Now, obviously that’s gonna depend on what PED’s you’re stacking with that. So obviously you’ve got to do your research on what you’re taking and make sure whatever you’re doing is gonna obviously balance out your estrogen profile with arimidex. Yes. The reason he’s saying that it makes you more vascular, it really doesn’t make you vascular, there’s no drug out there that can make you have more veins or I should say vascular, what Arimidex is gonna do is gonna keep less water and of course less body found your body because it’s keeping your estrogen low and when you do that it’s gonna be less water between the muscle and the skin. So you’re gonna see the muscle push against the skin more. But that’s only because he’s so lean because he walks around very lean all the time. Because his genetics are amazing. If someone’s fat and you take your remote decks, it’s not gonna make them vascular. So first thing is you have to have low body fat in order to see your veins because you don’t have low body fat, you’re not gonna see a vein on your body. Now, some people genetically can have veins, even though they’re a little fatter than most. Of course, you’re not gonna see as many veins as Kali muscle has because he’s super lean, no matter what. Whenever he’s bulking or he’s cutting if you want to be vascular number one, make sure your electrolytes are on point nitrous oxide products. Around this point, you can buy pump products and of course you have low body fat. 

Very, very important to have low body fat if you want to be vascular, experienced a heart attack and lived through it and I’ll be uh fool or an idiot not to express this to you guys to learn from it. Because I wish I had somebody talking to me like to talk to you guys right there, like somebody came out and explained everything that causes the effects. And not to mention if you start Royce to get off your libido gonna be shot, you’re gonna lose 90% of your muscle if you already wasn’t jacked, there’s just a lot of side effects man, there’s not even necessary because as we know, pro bodybuilding is not no money in it, it’s just not money to live, you know what I mean, sponsors, there’s no more sponsors guys now are just ambassadors with supplement companies, You don’t have something that companies giving you 100,000 a year, no more, nothing like that, it’s just not worth it. And if you’re doing social media, facebook Youtube and you want to be a fitness uh fitness celebrity or icon or influencer of course you’ve got to look good, but you don’t need to take Roids to look good, you know what I mean? I looked phenomenal all the way until I started to look good. 

Now that’s easy for kali muscle to say that he wouldn’t have taken steroids if it wasn’t for bodybuilding because his genetics were absolutely incredible. I mean, insane genetics, we’ll waste up his legs weren’t the best for bodybuilding, but his upper body. I think anybody would take any day of the week. I would take his upper body basically. What I wanted to say was he’s right, he’s absolutely right, steroids are not worth it. Pro bodybuilding is not worth it. The only time I say it is worth it. Even back when I was competing, you have to really love it, you have to have a passion for what the sport is like the core, like look at bodybuilding and strip everything of it, like what is it really at the end of the day now when you go to the next level and start competing now you’re taking on a lot more responsibilities, a lot more pressure you’re putting on yourself. So now that’s when you gotta have some financial gain from it. In my opinion, if you just love bodybuilding and you want to compete and not looking to have any financial gain from it, it’s an amazing sport, a beautiful sport. The problem is nowadays there’s so much pressure on being something and being famous or online famous and having cloud and all these things that I don’t have to worry about when I was bodybuilding and that’s why the sport was so beautiful and so pure, I got into bodybuilding because I generally just loved bodybuilding. I have been a die hard fan of the sport since I was a teenager. I was obsessed, I wasn’t looking for a financial gain for bodybuilding, I’m still not, I’m not here because I can make the most money in my life. There is plenty of things I could be doing right now in my life to make a lot more money, but I choose to stay in bodybuilding and fitness because I just love it and I wake up with a smile on my face, I go to bed with a smile on my face, I make these videos with a smile on my face and there’s a feeling I get from covering the sport and from being a bodybuilder when I was competing, that nothing else in my life gives me. So ultimately what I’m saying is if bodybuilding is not giving you that feeling when you’re in it for the wrong reasons, and the risk are not gonna be worth the rewards at the end of the day, so if something does happen to your health or happen to you, you won’t look back and regret what you sacrifice to get there, and the reason people have so many regrets in our sport, because everyone gets into it for the wrong reason. Nowadays, I’m not saying everybody, I shouldn’t say that, but most people do, they want to just be famous online, look cool, be strong to get girls, they’re always in it for the wrong reasons, Maybe it’s not wrong to them, but for me it is because bodybuilding has a lot of risk involved, there’s a lot of risk involved, especially when you’re trying to push yourself to that next level to turn pro, to be a competitive pro bodybuilder, to win the Olympia, make it to the Olympia, and also requires a lot of your time and energy and you’re gonna make a lot of sacrifices throughout your life to become the best in the sport, so you’ve got to go to bed at night knowing you’re doing what you love and you’re not gonna look back and regret anything. I would do my life over a million times. Okay, that’s how much I love it. But I don’t know if you guys are saying that right now when you know what I’m saying to you. So you have to answer that question and be honest with yourself. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, I want to hear what you guys think. Make sure you guys comment below and share your thoughts. 

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