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UFC Star Nate Diaz GOES TO JAIL!


Mixed martial arts fighter Nate Diaz has found himself in the news again, this time for turning himself in to the authorities. The 36-year-old fighter, who has been a staple of the UFC for over a decade, surrendered to police in Stockton, California, on Thursday, April 29th.

The circumstances surrounding Diaz’s surrender are unclear, but it appears that he was wanted for questioning in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident. According to reports, Diaz’s accuser, who has not been identified, claimed that he had physically assaulted her.

Diaz has not yet been formally charged with any crime, and the investigation is ongoing. His attorney, Ross Goodman, released a statement saying, “We are cooperating with the authorities and look forward to resolving this matter in a timely and efficient manner.”
This is not the first time that Diaz has been in trouble with the law. In 2018, he was involved in a brawl with fellow UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, which led to both fighters being suspended and fined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. In 2019, Diaz was also involved in a physical altercation with fellow fighter Jorge Masvidal at a press conference, which resulted in both men being restrained by security.

Diaz’s recent surrender is a reminder that even professional athletes are not immune to the law. While it is important to remember that Diaz has not yet been charged with any crime, the allegations against him are serious and must be taken seriously by both law enforcement and the UFC.

The UFC has not yet commented on Diaz’s situation, but it is likely that they will take some form of action once more information becomes available. The organization has a code of conduct that all fighters are expected to follow, and any violation of that code could result in suspension or termination of their contract.

In conclusion, Nate Diaz’s surrender to authorities is a reminder that athletes, no matter how successful, are not above the law. While the investigation into the allegations against Diaz is ongoing, it is important to remember that domestic violence is a serious crime that can have devastating consequences for victims. We must all wait for the investigation to be completed before making any judgments or assumptions about Diaz’s guilt or innocence.

IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha Gets CALLED OUT


The bodybuilding world is not immune to drama and controversy, and a recent video circulating on social media shows just that. The video in question features IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha getting called out by an anonymous man at a supplement store.

In the video, the man approaches Nathan De Asha and accuses him of using steroids to achieve his impressive physique. Nathan De Asha, who is known for his massive size and impressive muscular development, initially tries to brush off the accusation and walk away, but the man continues to follow him and repeat his claims.

While it’s not uncommon for bodybuilders to face accusations of steroid use, this video has sparked a lot of debate within the bodybuilding community. Some people have criticized the man for making baseless accusations, while others have praised him for speaking out and asking tough questions.

It’s important to note that Nathan De Asha has never failed a drug test, and there is no concrete evidence to suggest that he has used steroids. However, steroid use is a prevalent issue in the bodybuilding world, and many athletes have been caught and punished for using banned substances.

The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) has strict rules and regulations in place to combat steroid use in the sport. Athletes are subject to random drug testing, and those who test positive can face suspension, fines, and other penalties.
However, there is still a lot of debate within the bodybuilding community about the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Some people believe that they are necessary to achieve the massive size and definition that bodybuilding demands, while others argue that they are dangerous and should be banned altogether.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s clear that the video of Nathan De Asha getting called out has sparked a lot of discussion within the bodybuilding community. While it’s important to respect athletes’ privacy and avoid making baseless accusations, it’s also essential to continue to have open and honest conversations about the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in the sport.

Ultimately, the goal should be to promote healthy and safe training practices and create a level playing field for all athletes. Whether that means stricter drug testing, harsher penalties for those caught using banned substances, or more education about the dangers of steroid use, it’s up to the bodybuilding community to work together to find a solution.

Big Ramy Squashes The Lies Being Spread!


The bodybuilding world has been abuzz with rumors and speculation about Phil Heath’s potential comeback to the Mr. Olympia stage. In a recent video released by Hosstile Athletes, Phil Heath addressed these rumors and put them to rest.

The video opens with a dramatic monologue by Phil Heath, in which he talks about his love for bodybuilding and his desire to once again stand on the Olympia stage. The video then goes on to show Phil Heath training at Hosstile HQ, showcasing his impressive physique and highlighting his intense dedication to the sport.

One of the major talking points of the video is Phil Heath’s response to recent allegations of him photoshopping his Instagram photos to make himself appear more muscular. Phil Heath vehemently denies these allegations, calling them “ridiculous” and “comical”. He goes on to say that his physique speaks for itself and that he has nothing to hide.

The video also touches on the controversy surrounding the Olympia organization’s decision to apologize to the bodybuilding community for the way they handled Phil Heath’s previous Olympia wins. In 2018, Phil Heath won his seventh Mr. Olympia title, tying the record set by Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, many fans and critics felt that his victory was controversial and that he did not deserve the win.

In response to the backlash, the Olympia organization issued a public apology to the bodybuilding community, stating that they should have been more transparent and fair in their judging process. However, in the Hosstile Athletes video, Phil Heath dismisses the apology, stating that he won fair and square and that the judges made the right decision.

Overall, the video is a powerful statement from Phil Heath, reaffirming his commitment to the sport of bodybuilding and dispelling any doubts about his potential comeback to the Olympia stage. With his impressive physique and unwavering dedication, Phil Heath is sure to remain a force to be reckoned with in the world of bodybuilding for years to come.

Uncovering the TRUTH About TREN: Is it REALLY Dangerous??


All steroids are awesome and fun to use, but it depends on how they are used. It is also very dependent on how every person reacts to them when it comes to benefits and side effects alike.

Today, we discuss the world’s most dangerous steroids according to Google, alongside IFBB pro Victor Martinez and Generation iron. They joke about the list which includes the most dangerous alcohols….. as all alcohol is dangerous to some extent. They discuss various steroids from that list, such as D-ball, Clenbuterol (which is not a steroid), Anavar, Winstrol, Trenbolone, and Halotestin.

I consider Trenbolone to be the “crack” of steroids, which can change people mentally and physically. However, I acknowledge that different people react differently to steroids, with some having no side effects, while others have severe side effects, such as hair loss, acne, liver or kidney issues. I also warn against using oral steroids, as they are more toxic than injectables.

What is very important is the quality control and I recommend using pharmaceutical steroids rather than underground steroids. Most UGL labs are made in people’s homes, and the raw products are of questionable quality. I urge people to buy only the best and not to settle for some garbage just because it’s cheaper or easier to get.

The dialogue shifts to the importance of checking the heart, as steroids can also affect the heart. They discuss the benefits and side effects of growth hormone and debunk some common myths, such as that growth hormone can make your feet grow.

Finally, I agree that endocrinologists specialized in hormones know more about steroids than coaches or bodybuilders. I recommend getting regular blood work and scans to ensure one’s overall health.

In conclusion, I caution people to be responsible and safe when using steroids. I advise people to choose the best quality steroids and recommend getting medical checkups regularly.

Blessing Makes a BIG MISTAKE!


The world of bodybuilding is often full of drama, and the latest controversy involves two well-known figures: Blessing Awodibu and Johnny Styles. Last week, a video surfaced of Blessing trying to beat up Johnny Styles at the Redcon1 Gym. This video caused a lot of buzz in the bodybuilding community, and now it seems that Blessing is using the controversy to his advantage.

Blessing has been showing off his legs a lot more on Instagram lately. This newfound confidence could be a result of the attention he received after the altercation with Johnny Styles. In a previous video, I provided some feedback that Blessing could use some help with his stomach area, and recommended a few supplements to help him burn off the excess fat. Blessing did not take kindly to this suggestion and reacted by sending me some angry DMs. In these messages, he accused me of being jealous of him and called me a failed bodybuilder. He also accused me of celebrating his losses and being a hater. In response, I remained respectful but did not back down from criticizing Blessing’s physique.

We review recent photos and videos of Blessing’s legs, and notice that while they have improved, there is still a noticeable discrepancy between his injured leg and his healthy one. I also suggested that Blessing needs a coach to help him prepare for big shows like the Olympia, as trying to do it all on his own is unlikely to lead to success.

Overall, it seems that the drama surrounding Blessing and Johnny Styles has brought more attention to Blessing’s physique, but it remains to be seen whether he can make the necessary improvements to compete at the highest level. The bodybuilding world is always full of surprises, and it will be interesting to see what happens next to Blessing and his career.