1-Andro Become a Beast

1-Andro is a potent prohormone. It is also known as 3β-hydroxy-5α-androst-1-en-17-one and is a synthetic, orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS). It is an androgen prohormone of 1-testosterone (dihydroboldenone), 1-androstenedione, and other 1-dehydrogenated androstanes. It is a positional isomer of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA; 5-dehydroepiandrosterone).


Granados, et al. (2014) showed that “Seventeen resistance-trained men (23 ± 1 yr; 13.1 ± 1.5% body fat) were randomly assigned to receive either 330 mg/day of 3β-hydroxy-5α-androst-1-en-17-one (Prohormone; n = 9) or sugar (Placebo; n = 8) per os and complete a 4-wk (16 session) structured resistance-training program. Body composition, muscular strength, circulating lipids, and markers of liver and kidney dysfunction were assessed at study onset and termination. Prohormone increased lean body mass by 6.3 ± 1.2%, decreased fat body mass by 24.6 ± 7.1%, and increased their back squat one repetition maximum and competition total by 14.3 ± 1.5 and 12.8 ± 1.1%, respectively. These improvements exceeded (P < 0.05) Placebo, which increased lean body mass by 0.5 ± 0.8%, reduced fat body mass by 9.5 ± 3.6%, and increased back squat one repetition maximum and competition total by 5.7 ± 1.7 and 5.9 ± 1.7%, respectively… The oral [prohormone supplement] 3β-hydroxy-5α-androst-1-en-17-one improves body composition and muscular strength.” 


Of course, there were side effects inherent to this type of compound including cholesterol and liver enzyme abnormalities. Therefore, users would want to ensure their diet and cardiovascular routines are optimized to support a healthy system. 


With just 1 cycle of 1-2 capsules per day, users can expect to experience increased lean muscle mass and strength. In order to reap the full benefits of this compound while minimizing side effects, it is recommended to perform at least 3 challenging resistance training sessions per week and 150-300min per week of dedicated moderate intensity aerobic training alongside a health promoting diet including 1-2g/lb protein and a variety of fruits and vegetables per day.


This might look something like this for a basic bodybuilding bro:


Day 1:

Bench 3×6

Row 3×6

Overhead press 3×6

Lat pulldown 3×6

Bicep curl 3×10

Tricep pushdown 3×10


Day 2:

Aerobic training (swimming, running, biking, etc) x 60min


Day 3:

Squat 3×6

Deadlift 3×6

Lunge 3×10 each leg

Leg extension 3×10

Leg curl 3×10

Calf raise 3×20


Day 4:

Aerobic training (swimming, running, biking, etc) x 60min


Day 5:

Squat 3×12

Bench 3×12

Row 3×12

Overhead press 3×12

Lat pulldown 3×12

Deadlift 3×12


Day 6:

Aerobic training (swimming, running, biking, etc) x 60min


Day 7: