How Chris Hemsworth Became Thor

When it comes to working out and staying in shape, Chris Hemsworth is a prime example of work ethic and keeping routine.

Yet, even he says he can get bored in workouts that focus on just one singular group alone.

“My workouts are also about being diverse and mixing things up. It’s easy to get bored. If I’m doing arm day, I’ll work box jumps in between sets. By working more cardio, you keep shocking your body and you prevent having problems in certain areas.”

It’s obvious that not everyone has the same genetics and physique as the 6’3” 210 pound God of Thunder, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to look and feel the best we can. Lifting and staying in shape shouldn’t be this constant routine of Back and Bicep or Chest and Traps, mix things up and keep your body on its edge. It takes a certain amount of discipline to play the role of the witty and cunning Thor, but to look the part is a whole other universe in itself.

Alongside intense workouts, Muay Thai, and surfing, Hemsworth continually eats right. For example, Luke Zocchi, a professional trainer and Hemsworth’s personal trainer says that he eats six times a day with “meals consisting of clean proteins, vegetables, and brown rice.” Diet is the main benefactor with working out, eating healthy and eating in a beneficial style towards your goal is what it’s all about.

If you’re looking for that first start towards the weight gain Hemsworth saw, here are a few tips for a person on a diet such as his: Sustain a high protein style of eating, for every pound of weight you should be eating 1 gram of protein (ex. 178 pounds = 178 grams of protein per day) and stick to things that sit well. Things such as brown rice and noodles are heavy in carbohydrates and calorie count, in addition throughout the day eat snacks such as nuts and peanut butter. If you’re really trying to gain weight, look into using a mass gainer style protein shake, a great one to use is GNC’s Bulk 1340. Continue those workouts and watch what you eat, results will be evident with the right kind of discipline and plan put in place.

The mere thought of looking like that is intriguing, but there has to be work and effort behind it, so stop making the excuse of “I can’t” and start doing what you’re fully capable of. Start small and short if need be, but in order to make headway you have to start somewhere. So in regard to starting your way towards God-like physique, Thor says it best:

“Do a workout in your living room. It’s really easy to jump online to find nutritional plans and workout routines and more. Ultimately, being fit is about motivation and action creates motivation.”

Mix up your workouts, keep your body in action mode, eat right and stop making excuses.