More Isn’t Always Better

I’m going to speak to you guys about how to maximize your off seasons with gear, sars, nutrition training, do a wholesome video about just off season in general. Some things that could possibly help you get a better off season, making it more productive, more effective, and be able to maximize that time in the off season in order to have a better, physique, either for a show or just to improve your overall health and balance. If you want as well, look better or put on more muscle. Some things that come to mind when I, when I talk about off season, number one is

Being fresh, ready, not overdoing things, not doing crazy dosages. There’s a time and place where you’re going to get in your career or life when it comes to being a AK bodybuilder and you might have to increase dosages to a level that you’ve never used before because of the way your body evolves. What it is with PDs, sometimes our receptors, they just don’t respond to the same dose as we’ve been doing so we have to increase them a little bit. I think a lot of people really don’t have a full understanding of how far even just 50 milligrams, 75 milligrams, 100 milligrams, a dose increase goes, that’s a big difference in the way your body facilitates that and utilizes it. So you don’t have to always jump two, three, four, or 500 milligrams, to notice a big difference.

You know, if you’re at the 800 grand mark with a compound whatever that is, generally speaking, if you decide to go to 900, that’s still going to be a big difference in what you were doing. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of these hormones and how effective they just by increasing them in small doses. I still also think a lot of people don’t fully understand the concept of that, taking advantage of the lowest dose possible for the longest period of time, you don’t have to jump up every cycle, you don’t have to jump up every year. Listen, the best results I ever had was doing mediocre dosages with everything, not oversaturating myself, not becoming acidic, not doing 8 million injections a week and just being so sick of everything in the whole process and it fucking up my digestion system, because of all the things I was on, all the orals I was on and, just becoming a pin cushion. That isn’t bodybuilding, and way too many people, men, kids, no matter what age you are, there’s no demographic, that’s worse than others.

You guys are so obsessed with just worrying about gear and there’s so many other things I couldn’t make the gear give you better results, essentially. That’s your digestive system, that’s doing cleanses, making sure you take time of, making sure you’re not over-training, overdoing things. Over-train is kind of an abused term, when I say overtraining, I mean, just not giving the body a break at all training six days a week, year after year, a month after month, not having enough recovery time, you know, the hormones are great for recovery.

Obviously that’s one of the biggest benefits to why we use them and we feel super human on them because we are recovering at a rapid rate. But the thing is you still need time off. There’s only so much nutrition and the gear can do to enhance and speed up your recovery. I don’t think a lot of people put into perspective that when you’re training at a high level, which a lot of people do, even if they’re not competing. People train hard and they think that they can recover within 24 hours, 48 hours for big body parts, or after they’ve done a grueling heavy weight session for an hour and a half. Like the body takes a lot of time, there’s a lot of stages and phases it goes through till it’s fully recovered. A-just because you’re not sore doesn’t mean you’re recovered, B- just because you ate your post workout meal or shot some drug or had a good eight hours of sleep doesn’t mean you’re recovered.

Your central nervous system has a lot to do with your CNS, I like to call it, it has a lot to do with your recovery. If that is overtaxed, it’s only going to keep extending those days and hours for recovery. So you have to really pay attention to a lot of different little signs that your body’s giving you, that you’re fatigued, you’re tired, you’re restless, you have no appetite. You basically have been shutting down, your strength has not been what it usually is, you have chronic fatigue all the time, you’re getting restless sleep, you’re body’s not absorbing nutrients. Well, those are a lot of signs that you have to pay attention to when your body’s over-trained, it’s not that you can’t train or that you’re not growing because you probably will still grow honestly, on PEDs when you do feel the worst, but are you really truthfully getting the best results?

No, absolutely not. So there’s a lot of things that people have a tendency to overdo, and that’s definitely training and definitely gear that people take way too much to gear. I think that this video is going to be kind of an overall, my take on, obviously people’s off season approaches. People have a tendency to take more drugs thinking that’s going to speed up the recovery, or that’s going to make them more superhuman in order to be able to train more. Sometimes I see guys talking about training body parts twice in the same day. Listen, there’s been times and places where I’ve done some pretty crazy shit and even I’m like, what the fuck was I thinking? But you can do those things, but you cannot do them consistently for weeks at a time or months at a time.

If you want to shock your body or shock a body part, and Hey, you know what, I’m going to bang this body part out twice in three days, because I feel like it needs a little extra shock than it normally does, and I’ve gotten a  good response out of it. Then maybe take a full week off from training that body part this time, do it for fun, see what it does, test the waters. But these are not things you can consistently do week after week, month after month, your body is going to push back and injury is going to occur. Your appetite’s going to get shut down, you’re going to feel weird, shitty anxiety, you’re going to feel restless. The biggest fear I have with people doing that is injuries, that’s like the number one thing. Most of the time people don’t understand is that you’re getting hurt because probably your recovery is not right.

A lot of people don’t pay attention and go into the chiropractors. A chiropractor that just automatically cracks you as not a chiropractor, a chiropractor that looks at you examines your body, analyzes what’s wrong and treats it in a therapeutic way by either adjusting you or some type of therapy, stim machine, stretching, that’s a real chiropractor. If your chiropractor just goes in there and cracks you, and doesn’t actually do a full examination on what’s wrong and what needs attention, then you should probably find someone new massage therapist. They have their time and place, it’s not something you get done, week after week, regardless if you need it or not. That’s something you use as a tool when you do have aches and pains, if you are tight in some areas, you’re not feeling as you’re not getting the best workouts  on that body part, maybe because something’s locked up or it’s too much scar tissue has built up or circulation issues.

You should use these tools as needed, not something that you should abuse weekend and week out because that also will play against you in a negative way. Now, a lot of guys are big on, you know, cupping, foam rolling and all this crazy stuff now, IV drips for recovery and there’s always something new, I feel like just trending on Instagram or the internet for bodybuilders to do or something cool that’s revolutionizing the sport for recovery. Listen, everything is very good in moderation. I’ve noticed throughout my career, I’ve done everything possible to try to be the best enhance my physique and take it to the next level science wise because that’s just how I was. I always wanted to be on the cutting edge of things. Cryotherapy has been very popular, I noticed too, these things all work.

 Absolutely they work, but within reason, depending on what the injury is, depending on what the pain or the, little nagging strains you’re getting, they all have an application purpose and some things will work, some things won’t, and some people are better at their job than others. That’s another thing you have to learn that just because you saw somebody on the internet using massage therapist and to cure their issue. If you have the same problem, doesn’t mean you’re going to get the same result. Your body will either react very well to the therapy, or it might fight back, not everyone’s injury is going to be really the same, just because you have the same pain or the same, maybe muscle tear, it doesn’t mean it’s going to recover the same for you.

Now, these liquid IVs, I see everyone using and peptides for recovery. There’s ones that do work and there’s ones that are just honestly full of shit. Now, filtering through them is really good, depending on the quality of both of those, and also how often you use them. You know, really what’s the obligation, like what are you trying to accomplish by using these therapeutic things, peptides and IVs drips and everything else. I think Ivy drips have a place in bodybuilding, especially for immune support, the essential vitamins and minerals that you need, that you’re probably lacking, keeping a good balance of them. Peptides are great for recovery purposes like injuries and strains and muscle tears, there’s some really legit ones out there. As long as you get it from a legit companies, peptides for growing purposes, it’s very hit or miss, as long as you’re getting it from a good pack compound agency, you can get really good results with some of them for muscle growth, but that’s very person to person, it’s going to vary, the results are going to vary.

So, and that all comes down to when it comes down to gear and training too, just because you saw your favorite bodybuilder or your favorite coach, mentor or whoever it is preaching about a training method, doesn’t always mean it’s going to be great for you. I tell everybody the same thing, my clients, anyone that messages me, training methods should be built upon your trial and error, you should be able to have either a mental note or an actual notebook to take notes on how exercises affect your body negatively and positively. Also, training splits that have been better for you and for worse for you. I don’t think there’s exactly a correct method to train. I think everyone could figure out on their own how many times they need to train something

how frequent, what exercises do they feel the most, you know, just for instance, when I was a bodybuilder, every arm exercise that was free weight, I just never got the same muscle mind connection as I did when I did machines or cables. Everyone always knocked me for not doing dumbbell straight bars, my friend, my trading partners, whoever I trained with, people I would meet. Like you’re not going to do like barbell and stuff for arms. I’m like, I just feel pain when I do that. I don’t feel like my muscle is actually getting a workout. I feel like I’m just getting elbow pain, tendonitis. I feel like my shoulders going to fall out. I just don’t feel like I’m getting a great muscle tension or  muscle contraction like I do with cables or machines. That was something that it was like my stable, I just didn’t really do free weights unless I felt like doing something different because I was bored, but I built my arms and I had decent arms on machines and cables. if you talk to most people, they would totally be against that because they feel like heavy weight, you got to nail them, you gotta kill them.

You know, but to me, lighter weight, hard concentration, isolation exercises doing one arm at a time was  my bread and butter that built my arms. Same with my legs, I talked about this a lot, my bread and butter for legs was doing isolation exercises, single leg press, Bulgarian, split squats, walking lunges, front squats was my favorite two legged exercise, but I didn’t get anything out of back squats. My ass grew in, my hips got stronger, my quads got nothing out of that. Now when I switched to Smith machine and I did like a closed stance squat, back squat, I got a much better contraction, but they didn’t like blow my legs up like back squats did, or front squat, double leg did. Single leg presses were absolutely a killer, Bulgarian split squats, walking lunges were just, my legs never got more pumped by isolating them.

As a tall guy, I had a very hard time developing my legs as big as they needed to be on stage. I feel like that was my bread and butter for legs. Now, a lot of people may disagree, I know people will be like, that’s not how science works, that’s not the best way but after training for my entire life, since I’ve been 15 years old going on 20 years of training, I have developed a method that worked for me. That’s what it’s all about, this is all a learning experience for everybody, everyone’s going to learn something new, they’re going to feel things out. 

That doesn’t mean don’t try something, but that doesn’t mean you have to take the whole entire training method and apply it to your training. You can take bits and pieces of it that you like and you feel like you’re getting results on and apply it to something else and mix them together. There is absolutely no possible way that there is a perfect training method for everybody. There is not one method for everybody and just because you see your favorite bodybuilder or someone you look up to, or someone you’re friends with responding to a training program, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. This has been and still is a very common problem that I get questions about. People are like, Oh, I’m going to try this, you know, SST, or I’m going to try Dorian, or I’m going to try this and I’m like yeah, try it, but take something from it that you like and apply it. Take pieces from everything that you learned and have tried and build your own training method, that’s going to be the best case scenario for you.

Same thing when it comes to gear, everyone’s like, well, how much gear did you do? How much test did you do deca, growth, this. It doesn’t matter, it’s irrelevant what I’ve done, what anyone else has done. Now, the biggest pet peeve I have is what people don’t get it, just because someone uses a lot of gear and let’s say that person doesn’t look as good as the other person, he’s used just as much as that person. But that guy is a top 10 Olympia, Doesn’t mean his method was wrong for trying to go so high on drugs, it just mean that his genetics are not that good. That’s all it means. It doesn’t mean he’s, anything less than the guy that’s placing top 10 Olympian using just as much or less than that guy. It’s because genetics is everything, I stress this so much in every topic It can be that surrounds this because so many people want to knock, Oh, it’s because he’s not doing this or he didn’t stack that. Oh no, he’s not timing it. Listen, I know all of the best bodybuilders in the world and if you guys out there that are fans and don’t have the opportunity or have the chance to talk to these guys on a one on one basis and know what they really do. You’re not going to fully understand how good their genetics are then because I can’t wrap my head around it.

And I talked to them personally. I’m like, there’s no way and they’re like yeah and they swear up and down. People have evidence of it and people, doubled down on it. It still boggles my mind that these guys can get away doing what they do sometimes and get the results they do. And I remember I do flashbacks to myself when I was there and the stuff I would have to do to get my  muscles to respond in the way they do and it still wasn’t even close to their response. Genetics is everything, when it comes to gear, to the training methods, how hard you have to train, how much food you have to eat, the way your body absorbs foods, the side effects that you get. Every aspect of bodybuilding is genetics. It’s not one part of bodybuilding

It’s everything in the view of bodybuilding. Some people’s genetics now, also respond quicker than others. You have guys that peak early on in their career, like the Cody Montgomery’s, Steve Cuco responded very well. If you look at Steve Cuco’s T national photos, he can probably compete in collegiate nationals. There’s so many guy, like Branch Warren, Sean Raises, they responded so early in their career to the drugs, to the training, to the food, whatever it was they were doing. They’re hyper responders at a very young age. Then you have guys that flourish later in their careers, there’s Sean Rodin’s, the Brandon Curry’s, these guys hit their stride later on in their thirties and they found what worked. But at the same time, they also have elite genetics, but they didn’t figure it out.

They didn’t figure the formula to success until later on whether it was hiccups in their personal life, whether it was just bodybuilding hiccups, they figured it out later on. So don’t stress that you’re not a professional bodybuilder by 21, it doesn’t make your career any better by turning pro faster or earlier on. It honestly, probably ends those careers earlier than it does help them because I’ve seen most guys crash and burn, they are the ones that usually turn pro earlier or have success earlier in their careers. You rarely see guys go all the way through like Branch, Sean Ray or those guys that turn pro very young that’ve lasted their entire career. But that’s very far and few between, when you do the math of how many people actually body built in this world, a very small percentage. I mean like minuscule. So the best thing you could do, if you want to have a successful off season is have patients understand that what you hear from others or even what your coach tells you, might not be the best way, you have to try things out.

The best methods that you can take with you from this video is always start small with everything. You don’t have to go heavy in the gym to get big muscles and you don’t have to go high doses to get big muscles. If you’re responding off 50 milligrams and im just using a very low number for an example, then you respond all 50 milligrams. You’re not going to get more because you’ve doubled it. If you’re responding, ride it out until it doesn’t respond and then increase it. That’s like the most simples thing to tell you guys probably in any video, but nobody does that. I get guys every single day, go Nick, I’m taking one capsule of a whatever sarm they bought getting great results, should I go to two? Why would you go to two

If you’re getting great results from one. The mind automatically thinks, Oh, to imagine if I take two of these what I’m going to look like, but the body does not work like that. Drugs don’t work like that, the body doesn’t work like that, chemistry does not work like that. So if you’re getting results out of it, ride that wave. There’s nothing else on the other side of that, that’s gonna make you better. All it’s going to do is cause side effects and cause more toxicity that you don’t need. Honestly, probably backfire because usually when people double and triple things up when they’re already getting results, you’re getting too fucking greedy and then you’re going to get some side effects. You don’t want that whether on steroids, hair loss, libido, suppression, whatever it is.

There’s no need for it. You have to understand that the body does not take in more chemicals because you doubled it, itdoes not say, Oh, I’m going to apply more now because you gave me more. You guys give me a hundred milligrams instead of 50, now you’re gonna get double the results. If it was like that, then everybody would look like a crazy freak. Genetics play a huge role in how well the body absorbs drugs, how well it takes the drug and utilize it. If there’s any side effects, those are all genetic dispositions that you can’t control. You can’t alter those things, can give, the greatest bodybuilders in the world, probably X X amount of whatever drug and I can give myself the same drug.

I’m not going to get the same response because their genetics are just better. That is what it boils down to everything. Some guys can train three times a week, some guys have to train six times a week. Some guys have to do this, have to do that. I think this is the biggest lesson you guys all have to learn is that you have to continue to work hard regardless of what your genetics are because nothing’s given to you. You have to have patience when it comes to any sport, not just bodybuilding, to evolve. Just because you’re not good today, next week, next month, doesn’t mean you’re not going to be good. You have to give things time to work out. You have to give things time to work. You have to get your body to respond, you have to give your body time to learn it. You know, just because you don’t feel it the first time or get results the first time you do it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Either, you can go back and try and exercise or try a drug later on, try a food that you didn’t like or didn’t absorb. Well, later on the human body is going to evolve and you’re going to evolve with it. That goes to every aspect of your body building career and personal life. So welcome changes with your physique. Welcome changes with your mind and body. It’s part of life, it’s human evolution. Just because today something didn’t work doesn’t mean it won’t work six months from now or five years from now. I go through that almost every day with my body. Now I’m in my thirties.

Ever since I hit 29, 30 years old, I noticed my food allergies constantly changed things. What  I like to eat constantly changed, hat I enjoyed to do constantly changed like hobbies, whatever TV show, like everything varies more than ever, now that I’m older. So just understand that it’s part of life there nothing wrong with you. Just accept it and understand that sometimes you start out something, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to be good at it just because you weren’t good today. That’s today’s advice about off season growing and bodybuilding. I hope you guys enjoyed it and don’t forget, this video is sponsored by Body Science Supps and savior sarms, get yours while you can at body