The Truth Behind A Distended Stomach

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So check out the post on my Instagram, I have the phone number. Text your order and we’ll send you an invoice get it out to you. Next,  let’s talk about what happened this weekend. I don’t want to bring any light to the person that brought it up, I want to just talk about this subject as a whole. I don’t think there’s enough information out there for people that watch the sport about why guy stomachs get distended, what the issue is and what causes it; The real reason why some people do and don’t have distended stomachs.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable when you’re a 250-pound bodybuilder and you’re eating seven to nine times a day like I was and like most of these guys are. So let’s state the facts, not everybody needs a growth hormone and insulin to look like a professional bodybuilder. A lot of guy’s genetic disposition is so good that they don’t need to use extra astronomical dosages of anything to get to that level. There’s a lot of Olympians that I know personally that I talked to on a personal level whether it’s text or phone calls, we chat regularly and they never touched insulin. They never touched double digits of a growth hormone because they don’t need it. There’s a lot of guys out there that just have good genetics and don’t need to push the envelope as I did.

Or a lot of you guys out there. I didn’t have those genetics, that’s why I had to push the envelope. It’s not because I want to take more drugs and damage my health in the long run. It’s not cool, I never thought that it was cool to take a lot of drugs and that is not why I did it. But that’s why a lot of people do it today because they think it’s cool and looks hardcore. To say that you’re on 2000 milligrams of something when you can easily get away taking 500 milligrams of it, that’s not what happened when I was a bodybuilder. Plus the lack of information when I was a bodybuilder coming up was incredible, we had no outsourced, we didn’t have resources like YouTube and all these other places to get more credible information from.

We just had our regular gym guys around us to talk about stuff like “hey, what’d you do bro?” “Oh, I tried this”. “Okay, let me try it.” That’s what it was like. I’m not trying to sound archaic, but that was the truth. 15 to 20 years ago when I was coming up as a pro, we didn’t have the resources. Things are much different now. Now it’s like, who can boast more about who’s on more and that’s not bodybuilding. That aggravates me because that’s not what got me interested in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding interests me because it was fun, it was exciting to see your body change the science behind it, the chemistry behind it, and how amazing it was to transform your body and how healthy it was to transform your body in the mirror. Then I got too obsessed and that’s when I started crossing over to using too many drugs all the time

And that’s when it got ugly and dark. There was no sunlight coming in when I was in that dark place. Just to remind you, that’s not cool,  that was not the hip thing to do. It was not presented in a glorified way as it is today. It was different back then you didn’t talk about that stuff either, it was respected.  No one walked around the gym boasting about how much they’re on that’s immature, childish and that’s just petty to me. So now let’s talk about genetics guys don’t need all that. Just because a gentleman has a big descendant stomach, does not mean it’s related to drug abuse. My stomach was distended 24 seven in the offseason, but my waist onstage was perfect.  just because you already have a distended stomach line in the offseason from the amount of food you’re eating. Eating does not mean you’re gonna have a big waste on stage.

Let’s make that clear, at the end of the day,  all that matters is what you look like on stage. Now our previous Mr. Olympia had an issue with a hernia. That’s the only reason his stomach was not the same as it normally is. it still wasn’t even bad because we had an abb and thigh pose, his stomach tightened right up. It was just hard for him to breathe because of the hernia. I had the same hernia right now. It’s sucks and uncomfortable, his hernia was way worse than mine. So again, the assumption that most people have is, “Oh my God, his stomach just descended, He must be on lots of growth hormone because his organs are growing”. Like, do you guys realize how much you have to take to get your organs to grow to that extreme?

It doesn’t happen, there are so many myths and theories online. Maybe your heart will grow a little bit, but your liver, kidneys, all that’s not growing at an exponential rate. To push out your stomach that far, it’s just from visceral fat, that’s all that happens in the offseason. that’s all it is, and it goes away to come pre-contest time. It gets a little bloated from the amount of food that you’re trying to put down every day. you’re eating upwards of pounds of food a day, What do you expect your stomach to look like? Flat and shredded all the time? Not when you’re a 250-pound bodybuilder and you have guys reporting that you’re supposed to have a flat stomach all the time, washboard abs 24/7,  365. That’s not the case. Most bodybuilders have a little bit of a stomach offseason with abs in there.

It looks like a big turtle shell and that’s basically what happens, especially when you’re training in the gym and you’re inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling, it’s going to be some variation to the stomach’s sticking out and in.  That just comes with the territory when you’re a big guy, little guys don’t have to worry about that. You’re not over-consuming food. Your digestive system is much more efficient because you’re not eating that much food. Obviously, if you catch anybody breathing in and out, they’re going to look descended, that’s just the nature of the territory. It goes with the game. Now, the next thing is the drugs don’t cause the damage that people claim it does. You would have to be a fucking total asshole to be able to grow your organs so big that it pushes out your stomach, this does not happen.

Maybe there is somebody out there, but that’s not the normal case, number one. Number two, it’s not contributed because of the drugs, most of the time. I guarantee nine out of ten because the amount of food you’re eating and maybe digestion’s a little disrupted because of the amount of food you’re eating, or maybe you just had a meal, it’s still sitting in your stomach, it’s not out of your stomach yet. That’s all it is. Number three, you do carry visceral fat. That that comes with a territory too, when you’re offseason. So you might be a little more distended than you normally are because you’re carrying higher body fat. Four, it could be from just stupid amounts of fluid. You know how fast I can blow my stomach up by chugging, a stupid amount of water or  an interesting shake that I’m drinking in the gym, it’s going to cause distention 

Then the last thing I want to talk about is when you’re taking growth, hormone, and insulin, you’re obviously increasing caloric intake. So, therefore, you’re going to have a little bit of more distension of your stomach because of the amount of food that you’re now pushing and forcing in. It’s going to cause a little more bloating. that just comes with the territory as well. So, it’s not directly from the drugs. So that’s a stupid theory,  I can’t stand hearing it anymore. It drives me nuts Because I abused drugs, my organs didn’t grow, My heart’s still the same size. That’s just a weird genetic defect if someone has that problem happened to them or they just have really shitty luck. That’s what it comes down to. Plenty of guys I know have taken more growth than I have and insulin for longer periods than

I have, never had any problems with their organs growing. So it’s just all related to food at the end of the day, are you over-consuming food or are you force-feeding, is there something that you’re eating that you’re allergic to? Is there something that’s not digesting? Well, that’s all it comes down to. So get rid of all these theories that people are going to explode from the inside out Because if that was the case, we would have all these guys having these issues and we’d be hearing about them by now. That’s never the case. So the overconsumption of food will definitely do it, especially carbohydrates, fats, not proteins unless you’re eating like red meat and stuff where it’s a little slower digesting, but when you’re kind of desperate, everyone’s lean, everyone’s flat when you get upwards of under eight weeks out

No one really distended because you’re not eating that much food at that point. You never see distension then unless there’s an issue with the breathing in and out in a workout. To put it into the present time. If someone’s prepping, they’re not going to have that problem. They’re gonna be much flatter stomach or not eating as much food. They’re doing more cardio, their metabolism faster offseason. It’s almost unavoidable, especially if you’re a 250-pound  bodybuilder. It’s just is what it is. Even with guys smaller, it could happen to because maybe they have had a shorter torso or a blockier your waist. It really depends on genetics and the way you look. So I can’t stand that argument. I can’t stand these click baits, it drives me nuts as I said, I’m a real bodybuilder to the core.

I’ve accomplished more than any of these YouTubers, I’ve been around longer than any of these YouTubers, and I had experienced being in those shoes, unlike any of these guys. So I will tell you first and foremost, my stomach was always distended in the offseason, always. I had the smallest waist on stage and that’s all that matters, is when you show up on stage is your way small and tight and do you have a great abdominal wall? Yes, I did every time. I can second that with my pictures. There’s evidence right there If you look at me, yes, I was bloated because I ate so much food. Even me pre-contest time carbo-loading even for a show, I looked like a whale because I wasn’t shitting properly because I was dehydrated and everything else, it happens. It’s not because of the drugs guys. So please you young guys paying attention to these things. Stop believing these myths that you see online and bullshit that people try to feed you just to get clicks. It’s not true. Check out body sign sups, check out Savior Sarms, go to get everything you guys need. See you guys later.