Why You Should Train Legs


No excuse. Your testosterone needs a frequent leg day!


You may be desiring to add your testosterone up the mark and your probable question goes this way; will working legs boost my testosterone? We will tackle that here. Just stay on…


Maybe you have all heard that you should not skip a leg day. Well, it has a meaning. Working legs are generally hated by many people, and among the few who chose to exploit it, they normally concentrate on their upper body. But note that you need some decent set of wheels. We may not be talking about a flash car but a solid set of hamstrings, calves and quads.


Then, what about testosterone? Our article maintains that working your legs out will aid you with a boosted level of testosterone. If you top it up with some booster, then it is just another level of getting better. Low levels of testosterone will take you to the wild edge struggling to get those unrealistic gains. This is where we may need a boost – the testosterone boosters.


Higher testosterone levels will help to;


Grow your muscles faster by achieving the muscle growth of your desire.

Increase your sex drive by making you good in the bedroom affair.

Increase your strength by hitting hard in the gym at all times.

Having looked at the benefits of increased levels of testosterone, now let’s learn more about boosting testosterone.


Highlight on Testosterone


What is testosterone?


Testosterone is just a part of a hormone group by the name steroid or androgen hormones. Mostly, it is thought of to be a male hormone, although women too produce it but to a much lesser extent. Majority of testosterone get produced in the sex organs with adrenal glands producing a small amount.


Its characteristics are dominant in men, but women benefit from it too. The characteristics we talk about here include lean muscle mass, facial hair and energy levels among others. But if females are reading this, then you should not worry about the visible beards growing on your chin any time soon. That characteristic take a certain level of testosterone to achieve the beard domination.


Have you found out what testosterone means for you? Then, you may be probably wondering how it specifically works. Let’s see:


How testosterone works


Testosterone mainly contributes to sex drive, muscle growth and even bone density. These are some of the very important functions of the human body. Therefore, higher levels of testosterone helps you improve your health overall and well-being. So, as you grow older, levels of testosterone will decrease naturally, a reason why it’s important to optimize muscle mass development. And if the testosterone is very low, you will be struggling to build your muscles. Eventually, you will also be suffering from energy deficit and generally no sex drive.


If that does not provoke you to garner a high testosterone, then we have failed to know what is!


The major benefits of working legs


Performing better in the gym

A leg routine performed once to twice per week allows you to perform better in your workout around the clock.  Worry less about that soreness associating the grueling leg workout – that’s quite natural. However, if you increase your protein and testosterone levels together, you will recover as fast as you are set for the next hard session.


Makes you achieve a better physique

Working legs is basic to building a well-rounded and proportional physique. You can make any kind of excuses but skipping a leg day will form you a physique that looks bulkier and ridiculous. I am sure you have one time glanced across the internet memes and images showing how exactly a disproportionate physique may look. For instance, they show a bit of a shredded 8 pack, some big biceps and an attention demanding sized chest yet have no solid set of wheels they match. It causes us to feel sorry for you because you just look stupid.


Increasing the testosterone levels

Studies prove that leg workouts increase testosterone levels. A better set of wheels aids you with an improved overall performance. This happens even as you work on the upper body. Now, what is your reason to skip a leg day?


Exercises That Boosts Your Testosterone More


The Compound Movements

These are quite unique to aid your testosterone boosts. If you do not know them, what then do you do in the gym? You must be missing lifts. If you don’t know what compound movement is, then let me define them for you. They are exercises that involve use of multiple muscle groups that include squats, deadlifts and bench press. Because we are focusing on a leg workout here, try focusing on the first two as for now. Squats are good due to their ability to develop a strong core and engage both your legs and glutes. They are very basic to bodybuilders’ exercise routines and you can make them yours too.


While, deadlifts also deliver a great result because they work both the legs and back. They are a next vital move in a bodybuilder’s arsenal which increases testosterone quite massively vis-à-vis isolation exercises.


Free Weights Versus Machines

In boosting your testosterone, free weights should be your best option. Machines might be great but free weights improves muscular imbalances. Get us right, machines for isolation exercises such as leg extensions and leg curls are great for muscle building but only good for supplementing and not replacing your free weight lifts.


Leg work to boost testosterone


Below is a workout that will see you through boosting your testosterone:


Perform a back squat of 3 sets for 5-8 reps

Do a Romanian Deadlift of 3 sets for 5-8 reps

Continue with a Bulgarian Split Squat of 3 sets for 8-12 reps

Perform a Lying Leg Curl of 3 sets for 8-12 reps

Do a Leg Extension of 3 sets for 8-12 reps

Finish with a Standing Calf Raise of 4 sets for 5-8 reps

Hit each rep with a full range of motion and make sure your form is proper. For rest periods stick to 1 to 3 minutes in between the exercises. But if you feel you want extra gains, you can decrease this if you are advanced. And in terms of frequency, it’s better you perform this workout for averagely 1 to 2 times per week. You will soon begin building great muscles in your legs provided you pay a special attention to your diet also.


Do I need a heavy lifting?


Of course yes. If you want to boost the level of your testosterone, then you are probably looking out for a muscle building moment. Somehow, you can’t do that by lifting 2 lbs of dumbbells. Building muscles can be increased by ‘progressive overload’. This is a gradual increase of tension that is placed on the body muscles during an exercise training. You may need to lift heavily to experience continual muscle growth. Also note that you need to pay attention to the form as already mentioned above and don’t move too heavy very soon because you might succumb to injury. Remember this equation: No lifting = no gains.


How fast can you boost your testosterone?


Well, it depends. Each and every person has a unique body which responds differently to training and nutrition. Plus, if you consider supplementing, then tentatively look at the ingredients included because some do contain ingredients of little benefit or none benefit.


How can I naturally boost my testosterone?


Exercising will generally allow you to increase your testosterone levels quite steadily. In your training routine, just include a solid leg workout. However, if you want to boost the levels of your testosterone naturally, then use testosterone boosters – they are a better option.




Therefore, regularly working out in the gym can get your testosterone boosted and can get you where you desire. Particularly, if you pay attention to your leg workout, you are likely to perform better. So, don’t miss a leg day bro! If you want to make an extra step, get the natural testosterone boosters. They aid you in quick muscle building, improving your mood and confidence.


Thus, remember this always, it will take hard work and/or dedication also. In time, you will be able to reach the potential of your fitness goals. Keep consistency and let your testosterone level keep high. All the best bro!