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The 2023 Chicago Pro bodybuilding competition recently concluded, and it was a show filled with surprises, disappointments, and triumphs. The event saw the rise of a promising rookie, the resurgence of a veteran, and the struggles of some well-known contenders. In this article, we’ll delve into the results and analyze the performances of the top contenders, focusing on the first-place finisher, rookie IBB Pro Justin Shier.

First and foremost, let’s extend our congratulations to Justin Shier, who emerged victorious and secured an Olympia qualification in his first professional show. Justin displayed an impressive package, with his body fat on point and flawless presentation. Though some variables like lighting and tan issues affected his overall appearance, they were not under his control.

At prejudging, Justin seemed a bit flat, which is understandable as he has been away from the stage for two years. His incredible genetics, including a small waist, wide lats, broad shoulders, and great quads, were on full display. However, to compete at the Olympia, he might need more muscle development, especially in his back.

Taking second place was veteran John De la Rosa, who has faced setbacks due to injuries and personal issues in recent years. His performance in Chicago was commendable, showing off a well-balanced and symmetrical physique. Though he still needs to refine his conditioning to beat competitors like Justin, John has the potential to be a tough challenger.

The third-place finisher, Stan Stanton, demonstrated remarkable consistency in his performance. Despite not having the most gifted genetics, he has packed on a significant amount of muscle in a short period. However, some experts worry about the sustainability of his intense approach. Stan should consider focusing on qualifying for the Olympia and making a statement there rather than rushing to win shows without substantial muscle improvements.

Blessing and Patrick, two highly promising bodybuilders, faced disappointing results at the Chicago Pro. Blessing, with his incredible genetics, should be a dominant force, but his lack of consistency and dedication to the sport seem to hold him back. The same can be said for Patrick Moore, who had already reached the top echelon of the Olympia but seems to have lost focus and drive.

Both Blessing and Patrick need to reassess their dedication to bodybuilding if they want to reach their full potential. Winning requires a complete commitment to the sport, even with exceptional genetics and the use of performance-enhancing substances.

With his well-earned qualification for the Olympia, all eyes are now on Justin Shier. Though he showcased a phenomenal package as a rookie, he will face tough competition at the Olympia. To make a mark, Justin must peak even better than he did in Chicago and work on further muscle development, especially in his back.

In conclusion, the 2023 Chicago Pro was a show filled with both excitement and disappointments. Justin Shier emerged as a promising new contender, while John De la Rosa showed his determination to make a comeback. Stan Stanton’s consistency was admirable, but some caution about his aggressive approach. Blessing and Patrick need to reevaluate their dedication to the sport.
As the bodybuilding season continues, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the Olympia, where the world’s best will compete for the coveted title. It will be an exciting showdown to witness, and we hope all athletes bring their A-game to make it an unforgettable event.