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Nick discusses the results of the Mr. Olympia competition, specifically focusing on the men’s open class physique. Derek Lunsford, the previous Mr. Olympia of the 212 division, won the open division, making him the first to achieve “champ, champ” status. The speaker also comments on other competitors, such as Hottie, who didn’t perform as well as expected.

He provides a detailed analysis of each participant’s physique, praising Andrew Jacked progress in bodybuilding despite online criticism. The speaker expresses his opinion on Brandon Curry’s placement, feeling that he didn’t deserve 4th and suggests that Andrew should have been higher.

The discussion extends to other competitors like Samson, with the speaker highlighting the need for improvement in certain body parts. The speaker then delves into a thorough critique of Derek Lunsford’s physique, pointing out strengths and areas that need work. There is a focus on Derek’s muscle control and presentation.

The speaker briefly touches on the Classic Physique category, mentioning CBUM’s fifth title and expressing concern for his health, advising him to consider retirement. The video concludes with a promotion for the speaker’s coaching services and a call for viewers to prioritize their health.


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