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Jeremy Buendia, a Men’s Physique competitor who previously won the Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique title multiple times before taking a five-year hiatus. Despite not achieving his desired placement upon his return to the Olympia stage, the article highlights the challenges of a five-year break in competitive bodybuilding and acknowledges Buendia’s impressive comeback.

The evolution of men’s physique over the years, noting the increased competition and the need for more muscle. They discuss Buendia’s struggle to match the muscle mass of newer competitors and express the belief that more time and consistent training could improve his chances in the future.

Buendia’s conditioning, mentioning a pec tear that didn’t significantly impact his physique. The author critiques Buendia’s posing choices and suggests that his strengths lie in presenting a straightforward physique without trying to mimic the strategies of his competitors.

Jeremy Buendia’s coaching situation, detailing a falling out with his longtime coach, Hany Rambod. The article questions Buendia’s decision to work with a new coach without a trial run before the Olympia, suggesting that it might have impacted his overall performance.

Jeremy should consider participating in other shows to build confidence and momentum before attempting the Olympia again. They express skepticism about Buendia’s chances of winning in the next year but acknowledge the potential for improvement with consistent effort.

The article concludes by mentioning Buendia’s young age as a factor in his successful comeback after the five-year hiatus and speculates on the future of men’s physique competitions, particularly with the introduction of weight caps.


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