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In this video, Nick discusses the results of a bodybuilding competition, specifically focusing on the Men’s Open category. The notable highlight is Keon defeating the reigning champion, Shawn Clarida. The speaker expresses surprise at Shawn’s performance, noting changes in his physique, especially in the midsection.

Nick congratulates Keon for his improvements, praising his wider structure, better flow, and good conditioning. There’s also a mention of other competitors like Tonio Burton, Krizo, Hunter Labrada, Andrew Jacked, Samson, Regan, and Brandon Curry, with opinions on their performances and placements.

The main emphasis is on the battle between Hadi and Derek in the Men’s Open category. The speaker analyzes their strengths and weaknesses, highlighting Derek’s improved density and flow. Despite acknowledging Hadi’s impressive physique, the speaker predicts Derek as the potential winner, citing better overall presentation and improvements since the previous year. The video concludes with the expectation of witnessing a new champion at the end of the competition.


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