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Bodybuilding fans were in for a treat when a buried video clip of Andrew Jacked with William Bonak and Larry Wheels surfaced on the internet.

In the video, Andrew Jacked is seen posing with William Bonak and Larry Wheels. However, Andrew Jacked’s physique steals the spotlight. Andrew stands out amongst the three. Andrew’s muscle bellies are full and skin bursting, making his physique impressive up close and personal. When you watch this video, you will be blown away by Andrew’s posing as he hits every pose, including the most muscular. Andrew Jacked’s physique looks phenomenal.

Andrew has the potential to have one of the craziest hamstrings ever because he has a short attachment in his hamstring. This feature, similar to Ronnie Coleman’s, would allow his hamstrings to hang down to his calf and pop like crazy once he nails the proper movements and poses. Andrew needs to focus on perfecting movement, transitions, and posing.

Throughout the video, I provide a few tips and tricks for posing, including proper foot positioning, hand positioning, and leaning back during rear double poses. We also focus on the importance of hiding weaknesses and accentuating strengths during posing and recommend practicing without socks or shoes to grip the floor properly.

An elite bodybuilding physique not only requires physical perfection when it comes to size and conditioning. Posing and how the physique is presented could make a night and day difference between 1st place and last place. This is why the sport of bodybuilding is so exciting and as we’ve seen before and always say, anything can happen and any competitor can win on any given day.

Andrew’s potential is going to get him very far in bodybuilding in a shockingly short amount of time. It’s all up to him and his coaches to get him to the highest possible level and potentially shock the world very soon.