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With the 2023 Arnold Classic less than two months away, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced another major increase in the prize money for the Arnold Classic men’s bodybuilding championships.


“From the first time we hosted a bodybuilding championship in Columbus in 1976, my goal has been increasing the prize money to reward these fantastic athletes. They are making year-round commitments to improving their physiques and attaining their goals, and as a former competitor who worked bricklaying jobs during the offseason and now as a promoter, I want to match that level of commitment to the sport of bodybuilding…..I am excited to announce that the winner of this year’s Arnold Classic will win a record $300,000.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger


If this new announcement by Arnold does not motivate many competitors to call up Brian Powers and sign up to compete in March, I don’t know what will. The Olympia just finished last month with the $400,000 1st place open bodybuilding price, and The Arnold Classic increasing their price to $300,000 should have many heads turning right now. This is probably the best time in history to be an elite level professional bodybuilder. 


Derek Lunsford won 2nd place at the Olympia last month. If he was to sign up for and win the Arnold Classic, he would have won almost half a million dollars within 3 months of competing. The amount of money these athletes can win is unprecedented and, frankly, if you’re a professional bodybuilder, it would be insane not to compete at the Arnold Classic in March.


Overall, the Arnold Festival is awarding over 1 million dollars in prizes across all divisions and it is the most money they have awarded in the history of The Arnold. You are not going to want to miss out on the PPV in March. 


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