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Chad Nicholls, the legendary sports nutrition coach who worked with some of the greatest athletes in history such as Ronnie Coleman and Mike Tyson, speaks about this year’s progress of the reigning 2-time Mr. Olympia Champion Mamdouh Mohammed Hassan Elssbiay better known as Big Ramy.

With only a couple of weeks out from the 2022, Mr. Olympia, which is taking place in Las Vegas on December 15-18th, Chad Nicholls made a guest appearance on Dennis James’ “The Menace” podcast. On the podcast, both Chad and Dennis discussed the past year of Big Ramy’s progress and updated us on his current condition 2 weeks out of him defending his title for a 3rd year in a row. How much has 2022 Big Ramy improved since 2020?How many calories does Big Ramy eat in the off-season?How much does Big Ramy weigh 2 weeks out from the 2022 Mr. Olympia?These are among the many questions that Chad and Dennis discuss and answer on that podcast.

However, the most controversial topic they discuss is whether 2022 Big Ramy can top 2003 Ronnie Coleman’s conditioning. As you may know, Chad Nicholls was Ronnie Coleman’s sports nutrition coach in 2003 and is the most qualified human on the planet to discuss this topic. Chad Nicholls seems to confidently think that 2022 Big Ramy will be in comparable condition to the legendary 2003 Mr. Olympia Champion, Ronnie Coleman.

What is even more shocking than his current weight and Chad’s prediction, is the sneak peek shown by Dennis James of Big Ramy in posing trunks. Big Ramy looks absolutely incredible.Can anyone dethrone Big Ramy? That is the question on everyone’s mind. However, you heard it here first…Unless Big Ramy suffers a drastic event within the next two weeks, he is going to dominate the 2022 Mr. Olympia Open Bodybuilding stage yet AGAIN!

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!