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The bodybuilding world has been abuzz with rumors and speculation about Phil Heath’s potential comeback to the Mr. Olympia stage. In a recent video released by Hosstile Athletes, Phil Heath addressed these rumors and put them to rest.

The video opens with a dramatic monologue by Phil Heath, in which he talks about his love for bodybuilding and his desire to once again stand on the Olympia stage. The video then goes on to show Phil Heath training at Hosstile HQ, showcasing his impressive physique and highlighting his intense dedication to the sport.

One of the major talking points of the video is Phil Heath’s response to recent allegations of him photoshopping his Instagram photos to make himself appear more muscular. Phil Heath vehemently denies these allegations, calling them “ridiculous” and “comical”. He goes on to say that his physique speaks for itself and that he has nothing to hide.

The video also touches on the controversy surrounding the Olympia organization’s decision to apologize to the bodybuilding community for the way they handled Phil Heath’s previous Olympia wins. In 2018, Phil Heath won his seventh Mr. Olympia title, tying the record set by Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, many fans and critics felt that his victory was controversial and that he did not deserve the win.

In response to the backlash, the Olympia organization issued a public apology to the bodybuilding community, stating that they should have been more transparent and fair in their judging process. However, in the Hosstile Athletes video, Phil Heath dismisses the apology, stating that he won fair and square and that the judges made the right decision.

Overall, the video is a powerful statement from Phil Heath, reaffirming his commitment to the sport of bodybuilding and dispelling any doubts about his potential comeback to the Olympia stage. With his impressive physique and unwavering dedication, Phil Heath is sure to remain a force to be reckoned with in the world of bodybuilding for years to come.