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Big Ramy, the former Mr. Olympia, has been the talk of the town recently. As the Arnold Classic approaches, everyone is eagerly anticipating his return to the stage, wondering whether he will be able to redeem himself. Big Ramy posted an update on his physique and talked about the procedure he is getting done to his back.

Big Ramy has been transparent about the procedure he is getting done on his back. In a short video he posted on social media, he was honest and candid, saying that he wants to fix the problem so that he can continue his bodybuilding career. He mentioned that he is not giving up yet and believes that he can still be one of the best in the world, despite the haters and negative comments. He also talked about the challenge of beating Nick Walker, Samson Dauda, William Bonak, and Shaun Clarida, and wondered whether his back would be good enough to achieve that goal.

Big Ramy looked good, even though the video was not recent. I’ve never seen Big Ramy out of shape, especially recently, and he has been in good condition all year round. He added that this puts Big Ramy in a good position to do well at the Arnold Classic, especially since his body fat was low when he began the prep for the competition.

The big question, however, is whether Big Ramy’s back will be better in such a short period of time. Dr. Khan, who has been working with Big Ramy, was interviewed by Fouad Abiad and Dennis James, and he expressed optimism about Big Ramy’s back, saying that it looked better already. I believe Nick Walker, Samson Dauda, William Bonak, and Shaun Clarida should not underestimate Big Ramy, as he could be a formidable opponent if his back is in good shape and his conditioning is on point.

Big Ramy’s comeback is highly anticipated, and everyone is waiting to see whether he can redeem himself at the Arnold Classic. He is determined to fix his back and continue his career, despite the challenges he faces.