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Fitness Influencer Bradley Martyn had his grand opening for his 2nd Zoo Culture gym last weekend. To say it was a hit is an understatement.


This gym is Bradley Martin’s second gym in California. His first gym is in California at about 10 minutes away from this one that’s also called Zoo culture and that gym is going to be converted into a private training facility and this will be the new Public Zoo culture gym for anyone to show up at. The grand opening went extremely well, as there were thousands of people that showed up now the marketing behind this was Bradley Martin telling all of his friends that are influencers to Market it and tell their fans that they’re gonna be there and to make sure they show up so this grand opening was doomed from the beginning.


Most influencers that have a business do not do Grand Opening parties that are free. They usually charge a lot of money and rip off their supporters, so I gotta give Bradley Martin a lot of credit there, but he also failed to prepare for a situation like this that could have gotten very ugly very easily. Bradley Martin had to stand up on a bench to get everyone’s attention with two other people and to tell people to get out of the gym. People were pissed so we had to shut it down and move the entire grand opening to his old gym point zero. There were way too many people in there they had to leave , as there was so much heat in there that the windows were steaming and they just got installed two days ago. Bradley had to have come up with a better plan for a free big opening like this.


After Bradley got on the bench to yell, people were frustrated as he yelled. “If you’re not an influencer, get out.” This had so many fans and supporters posting all over social media and being frustrated and mad with the way Bradley Martin reacted, disrespected and said to his fans. But you can’t really get mad at him as a fan or supporter, because at the end of the day, you didn’t have to pay anything and it was completely free. 

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