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In this video, we see IFBB PRO bodybuilders that love to blend their food instead of eating it whole! Jermey Potvin and Hunter Labrada are just two of the many bodybuilders that now blend their food in order to smash down as many calories as possible. I will be reviewing their diets and give you some suggestions on how to improve your nutrition, digestion, and absorption. 


There is nothing worse than blending your food and drinking it. There are more and more bodybuilders doing this, and I just can’t wrap my head around it. There’s a reason we created supplements at Old School Labs, to get really good quality protein from protein powders. Why blend your chicken when you don’t have to?


In bodybuilding, we’re all about thinking, scientifically dismantling things, and doing things smarter. Why are these guys going backwards? Guys like Jeremy and Hunter, are struggling with their digestion and they can’t get more food down, which is fine, as it’s hard to eat around 6,000 calories everyday for months and not get sick of the food you’re eating.


How come they don’t do some intermittent fasting? How come they aren’t taking care of their guts so their digestion is on point? If the only issue is that they can’t get the food down and don’t mind eating it, then they should start looking internally at their guts and seeing what foods they’re sensitive to. They need to get a food sensitivity test done to see what foods are causing inflammation in their gut and causing problems with digestion. If they aren’t sensitive or allergic to anything and just have digestion problems, then they should incorporate some cardio and some intermittent fasting and lower the food volume for a couple days or a couple of weeks so their stomach has time to adapt. You can’t continuously push calories up week after week and expect to be able to eat more just because you ate less last week.


The best results are going to come in cycles. Doing things in cycles is very important. Like how you cycle your PED’s and training, their diet needs to be cycled as well. There should be phases in their diets.


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