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Chris Bumstead, better known as “CBUM”, 4-time Classic Physique Olympia champion, has been the talk of the town recently as rumors have circulated on the internet about him moving up to the men’s open division. He confirmed this information with me months ago, so there is some truth to the rumors. Moving up to the open division would be a significant challenge for him, but it would also be an opportunity to test his limits.

Chris has also discussed his future plans in bodybuilding, and he is very clear about what he wants to achieve. In a podcast with Hany Rambod, he stated that his mentality is to take it year by year. His focus is on winning another Mr. Olympia title this year, and then he will decide what to do next.

Chris is only 28 years old right now, and he has already won several titles. He stated that he wants to retire by the time he reaches his early 30s, and if he competes for another four years, he would have eight Mr. Olympia titles. This would be a remarkable achievement and would put him on par with the legendary Ronnie Coleman.

However, there are some concerns about Chris’s health and his ability to continue competing at the highest level. He has suffered from several injuries in recent years, and it is unclear if his body will be able to handle the stress of competing for several more years. In bodybuilding, every year is different, and it can be challenging to maintain a high level of performance year after year.

Despite these concerns, Chris remains optimistic about his future in bodybuilding. He has teased the possibility of doing an open show, and while he is not pushing himself to do it, he is open to the idea. He has suggested that he might do an open show right before or right after the Olympia, as he does not want to take a whole year to prepare for it. I suggested that Chris might do the Arnold Classic if he decides to move up to the open division. He believes that the Arnold Classic would be an excellent opportunity for Chris to test himself against some of the best bodybuilders in the world.

Overall, Chris Bumstead’s potential move to the open division is an exciting development for the fitness world. He has already achieved so much in his career, but moving up to the open division would be a new challenge for him. Whether or not he decides to take this challenge remains to be seen, but it is clear that he is focused on winning another Mr. Olympia title this year and taking it year by year.