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As the world-renowned bodybuilder Chris Bumstead continues his journey towards potentially winning his fifth Mr Olympia title, he recently gave fans an update on his physique, his off-season, and the status of his torn bicep. In a recent video, Chris speaks candidly about his recovery process and what he has planned for his 2023 off-season.

Several weeks after the Olympia competition, Chris is back in the gym and training hard. Despite his torn bicep, he is determined to get back to his previous level of fitness and win his fifth Mr Olympia. In the video, he talks about the challenges he faces during his arm day, such as being incredibly sore from chest and shoulder day. Despite this, he remains determined to get his arm back to its previous state and even bigger.

Chris starts his arm day with a close grip bench, using only two plates for eight reps. He knows that he needs to slow down his reps and squeeze them more in order to perfect his mind-muscle-connection. This is a reminder of the meticulous attention to detail that goes into bodybuilding, even for someone with Chris’s elite genetics.

The pain of a torn muscle is a different experience than the soreness that comes from working out. Chris knows this all too well, as he recently tore his bicep. The tightness he’s feeling is likely due to circulation issues and his body still being in shock from not training for so long. Protein powder is essential for recovery and repairing the muscle that was broken down during a workout. If someone isn’t getting enough protein every day, it’s impossible to repair those micro tears, which is what creates muscle growth.

In conclusion, Chris Bumstead’s recent video gives fans a glimpse into the life of a professional bodybuilder and the challenges he faces. Despite his torn bicep, Chris remains determined to get back to his previous level of fitness and win his fifth Mr Olympia. The video is a reminder of the hard work and dedication that goes into bodybuilding, and how recovery and nutrition play a crucial role in the process.