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Eddie Hall, also known as “The Beast”, is a British professional strongman and former professional boxer. He is known for his impressive strength and size, and has won numerous strongman competitions throughout his career, including the World’s Strongest Man in 2017. He is also a 2-time Europe’s Strongest Man, and UK’s Strongest Man, among many other titles. He is known for his intense training regimen and commitment to fitness, and has amassed a large following on social media and YouTube, where he shares his training and lifestyle with his fans. Last week, Eddie Hall announced that he plans to try to become a bodybuilder in 2023. 


Eddie starts his video by talking about what he’s been up to in 2022. Eddie had been spending a lot of time with his family and had taken a 9-month hiatus from the gym. This is not a great starting point for him because his body is going to be very insulin resistant and he needs to get in shape to get to a better starting point to build muscle. Eddie wants to do a show by the end of 2023. That is a very unrealistic goal, as his physique is not conditioned at all. He has too much body fat on his frame right now. The more body fat you carry, the more insulin resistant your body becomes, and the less muscle you’re able to build.


In the video, Eddie reviews his lift numbers and gauges how strong he currently is. That is an aspect that does not translate from strongman to bodybuilding. Training for strength is very different from training for size and shape. He is going to have to do the complete opposite in his training and severely change his diet to be able to pursue this new goal of his. The combination of posing, nutrition, training, and regimens to become a bodybuilder, are not something he will be able to nail down in a couple of months. This will take years for him to transition to.


Do you think Eddie Hall is undermining the complexity of his goal to become a bodybuilder?

Watch the full video below !