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Sunny Andrews has been exposed! Sunny had been a good athlete until recently, when she ended up placing last in her last two shows, and her physique took a turn for the worse. The main focus of this video is a recent Instagram live video that Sunny made with her coach, where they both talked about me and my YouTube videos, which they claimed “spread lies and misinformation.”

However, the evidence does not lie. Sunny and her coach were lying to her fans, not just recently, but for the past two years, about her being a doctor. In an Instagram live video, Sunny claims that she is still a doctor, and there is no proof that she isn’t. To which we review data from a 50 page court document that proved that Sunny got kicked out of her residency at the University of Florida of medicine, making her technically not a doctor.

We also review why Sunny got terminated. One of the reasons was that she was taking pornographic videos and photos under the alias “Buff Bunny,” which was brought to the attention of the university. This I do not see as a big issue as long as the pornographic content does not affect her as a doctor. However, the worst part was that Sunny got caught cheating during her exam for her residency. My concern is, why would someone who wanted to be a professional doctor cheat on their exam to get that “Dr” title? This is very dangerous behavior because if she had passed and got her license, she would have no idea what to do to help people.

Sunny also dragged someone else into this mess, and that person’s name was mentioned in the court documents. The documents do not mention if that person was terminated, but Sunny cheated off that person during the exam. The court documents proved that Sunny was cheating, and she got caught.

Sunny was never going to complete her residency, and no school in their right mind would take her as a potential student, especially knowing that she got caught cheating and was involved in pornographic videos and photos. If you’re watching or reading this, Sunny, prove that you still have your license as you’ve claimed you do. I had no intention of bringing the court documents to light, but Sunny slandered me on Instagram, and I just had to defend myself.