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Nigerian-born & formerly Dubai-based bodybuilder Chinedu Andrew Obiekea, otherwise known as Andrew Jacked, is currently training in California with coaches Chris Aceto and Chris “Psycho” Lewis for the upcoming Arnold Classic competition. Andrew has been pushing himself to the limit with daily double and triple training sessions. Both coaches have praised Andrew’s improvements, with Chris Aceto highlighting his diet and Chris Lewis noting his intense training regime.

Lewis, who owns a gym in California, has been helping Andrew improve his muscle density, fullness, and overall body detail. Andrew’s back, hamstrings, and chest have seen the most significant improvements, with increased muscle separation and detail.

In a recent interview with Dave Palumbo, Lewis shared his belief that Andrew wasn’t a bodybuilder until he started training with him. Lewis’s intense training sessions have pushed Andrew to his limits. Aceto has also been instrumental in Andrew’s progress, focusing on his diet to ensure he’s in top condition for the competition. Andrew Jacked has moved to California to train and live with Lewis, with Aceto offering guidance remotely.

Lewis believes that Andrew’s best poses are the front double bicep, front lat spread, abs and thighs, and most muscular pose. He also noted that his quad feathering is reminiscent of Kai Greene’s, and his leg detail is similar to the late Shawn Rhoden’s.

While Lewis has received some criticism for his training regime, particularly from Fouad Abiad, he remains confident that Andrew will achieve his goals with continued guidance and dedication. Andrew’s progress has left many bodybuilding fans excited about the upcoming Arnold Classic and the 2023 Mr. Olympia competition. Some even believe that if Andrew Jacked continues training with Lewis and Aceto, he could become a future Open Class Mr. Olympia.

Do you think Andrew Jacked has what it takes to beat competitors such as Nick Walker and Derek Lunsford?