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Good Vito’s future as a professional bodybuilder is in jeopardy after he posted a photo on social media showing his legs with obvious signs of injections. I am concerned about the young athlete’s use of site injections in his quads. The long-term effects of this practice on Vito’s physique, could lead to scarring, deformation, and loss of muscle separation.

I have a ton of respect for Good Vito, but I do not respect guys who make such dumb moves. Who in Vito’s corner is advising him to take such risks with his career? Whoever that is, needs a slap across the head.

Good Vito is an IFBB Pro with immense potential, but his career is at risk if he continues to inject his legs. He needs to use supplements, PED’s, eat right, and rest, that’s it. Vito has nothing but time to improve his physique, and he does not need to take shortcuts that will hurt him in the long run.

I am also worried about Good Vito’s future as a professional bodybuilder. I believe that Vito’s legs are already in excellent shape and that he does not need to make them any bigger. Instead, he should refine the muscle mass that he has already to get in super-shredded shape for the stage. I believe that Good Vito has the potential to dominate bodybuilding, but not if he continues to take such risks with his physique.

Furthermore, I am concerned about Good Vito’s search for a coach. I wonder who is available that speaks Vito’s language and can communicate effectively with him. Coaching a non-English speaker is a liability and a significant responsibility that I personally would not take on. It’s challenging to build a relationship with an athlete when you don’t speak the same language.

In conclusion, Good Vito’s use of site injections in his legs is a concerning trend for the future of his professional bodybuilding career. He needs to stop this practice and focus on refining the muscle mass that he already has. I also hope that Vito finds a coach who can communicate with him effectively and help him reach his full potential as a professional bodybuilder.