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Eddie Hall, the British strongman, has caused a stir in the bodybuilding community after revealing that he has hired a new coach, potentially Hany Rambod, a well-respected figure in the bodybuilding world. In a recent video of Eddie training his chest, he made a comment about his new coach, which had gone unnoticed by the rest of the internet.

Eddie has been struggling with his training and diet, lacking direction and focus. He was also seen to have poor form and technique during his workout, which could hinder his progress in becoming a bodybuilder. However, the news of Eddie hiring a new coach has sparked excitement in the bodybuilding community, as Hany is known for his ability to transform athletes into bodybuilding champions.

While the video primarily focuses on Eddie’s training techniques, the real shocker comes when Eddie reveals that he’s considering hiring Hany Rambod as his coach. Hany is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the industry and has helped countless athletes reach the pinnacle of their careers, including Mr. Olympia champions like Phil Heath and Jay Cutler.

Eddie’s posing was also seen in the video. To me, it is very amateurish and not reflective of a professional bodybuilder. If Eddie is indeed working with Hany Rambod, I urge Hany to start working with Eddie immediately to address these areas of concern if their goal is for Eddie to become a competitive bodybuilder. If Eddie does not improve on his posing, there is a very small chance he will perform as well as he expects in any type of bodybuilding competition.

Overall, the news of Eddie’s new coach has created excitement and anticipation within the bodybuilding community, and fans are eagerly waiting to see the results of this partnership.

What do you think about Eddie? Do you think Hany Rambod can turn him into a bodybuilding icon?