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Bodybuilding fans were in for a surprise when Iain Valliere, a prominent bodybuilder, announced that he would be leaving Patrick Tuor, his coach. In a video posted online, Iain explained that he would now be working with his former coach, Matt Jansen, to prepare for the Toronto Pro show.

Iain, who took second place in the Arnold Classic in 2019, hopes to win the Toronto Pro show this year. He revealed that he had been preparing for the past three weeks and was excited to see what he and Matt could achieve together.

While Iain did not provide a clear explanation for his decision to leave Patrick, he expressed his appreciation for his former coach, who had helped him win four shows, place second at the Olympia, and take second place at the Arnold Classic. Iain also shared that he and Patrick had enjoyed their time together, including the two weeks they spent preparing for the Olympia.

Despite his success with Patrick, Iain felt it was time for a change. He explained that Matt knew his mind well, which was just as important as knowing his physique, and could help him succeed both mentally and physically.

Iain’s decision to leave Patrick caught many by surprise, particularly given the success they had achieved together. However, Iain appeared confident that he had made the right decision, and his focus is now on the Toronto Pro show.

In the video, Iain also revealed that he had considered competing in the Arnold Classic after the Olympia. However, he felt that he needed more time to rest, recover, and prepare himself mentally and physically for his next competition.

The decision not to compete in the Arnold Classic may have raised eyebrows among bodybuilding fans. However, Iain defended his decision, explaining that he wanted to make sure that he was ready, both physically and mentally, before competing again.

Iain’s announcement has generated a lot of buzz among bodybuilding fans, who are now eagerly waiting to see him compete in the Toronto Pro show. With Matt Jansen by his side, Iain will be looking to make a statement and prove that his decision to leave Patrick was the right one.