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In a recent video, Larry Wheels and Simeon Panda, two well-known fitness influencers, were seen working out together in Simeon’s new home gym. In the video, they give tips on how to build muscle and share their workout routine. However, I am concerned over some of the advice given, because much of it is incorrect and could lead to injury.

Larry Wheels talks about his approach to reaching his top set when training with dumbbells. He explains that he warms up with two sets of eight to ten reps and then moves on to his top set. This approach is not the correct way to build muscle and sculpt the body as a bodybuilder. Instead, people should leave their ego at the door and focus on the quality of their workout rather than the number of reps or weight lifted. People should pay attention to how their body feels and the pump they are getting.

Larry Wheels is not the ideal person to take workout advice from as he has a history of injuring himself while training. Larry’s success is mostly due to his genetics rather than his training approach. The video also shows Simeon Panda and Larry Wheels doing chest presses with dumbbells. Simeon’s form and technique are flawed. He uses too much weight and has no control over the weights. Simeon needs to lower the weight and focus on controlling the dumbbells instead.

The video also features a conversation about steroids, with Larry questioning whether or not Simeon is using them. From my perspective, Simeon’s physique is not that of a steroid user. He is more likely using other supplements like fat burners or peptides.

In conclusion, the video featuring Larry Wheels and Simeon Panda working out together offers some valuable tips on building muscle, but as a viewer or a fan, you need to be careful about taking all of their advice. You need to focus on quality over quantity and pay attention to your body’s needs.