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In the world of bodybuilding, Michal Krizo has been making waves lately. He recently guest posed in France, and fans and critics alike were stunned by his massive physique and great conditioning. This was a surprise to many, as Krizo had not competed since the Olympia almost five months ago. Despite this, he looks like he’s targeting a show sooner rather than later.

The guest posing was in France, and while that may not matter to some, it’s worth noting that Krizo is on the right track for making the proper gains in the right areas and staying in shape. One of his best strengths is his x-frame, which gives him a crazy V-taper from the front, and dense, hard, and thick side shots. He’s also got some of the best arms in the IFBB and possibly even better than Nick Walker’s.
However, there are still areas where Krizo needs improvement. For one, his back needs to get denser and thicker, and his glutes need to get bigger to match the rest of his impressive physique. When he turns around and hits the rear lat spread, his glutes don’t match the rest of him, and that imbalance will hurt him in competition. His hamstrings need work as well, particularly in the inner thigh area where they need to get thicker.
To improve in these areas, Krizo needs to change the way he trains them. He needs to do more free weight exercises like bent over rows, t-bar rows, rack deadlifts, and seated cable rows, and stay away from pull-downs and other back machines. He needs to hit them hard and at the right angle, with the right tempo and range of motion, to really see results.

But it’s not just his physique that needs work. Krizo’s presentation also needs improvement. He needs to change his attitude, walk out onto the stage with confidence, and look like he belongs there. He needs to smile and pose like he’s loving every minute of it, even though it’s painful and tiring.

The judges can sense when a bodybuilder hasn’t prepared well for a competition, and it’s clear that Krizo needs to improve in this area. His tan didn’t match, and he didn’t cover his face enough. He needs to work on every mandatory pose, and his posing in general, to really shine on stage.

Despite these areas for improvement, there is no doubt that Krizo has the genetics to be one of the best bodybuilders. He just needs to focus on doing the right things for those body parts and his presentation. With the right coaching and training, he could dominate bodybuilding in the open category.