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Nick Walker meets up with coach Matt Jansen for the first time in over 10 weeks in Las Vegas, a week out from the Mr. Olympia competition. Nick is up over 14 lbs from last year’s competition and his coach explains if this is a good or bad thing!

First thing we notice in this video is Professional Open division bodybuilder from the United States, Nick Walker looking lean in the face and like a totally different person. Nick is preparing for a bodybuilding show and is 50 lbs lighter than where he was in the off season. Nick looks better than last year as his upper and lower body have gotten better, making a lot of improvements to his physique.

Nick is currently up 14 lbs, a week out of the Olympia from where he was last year. This means Nick is around the low 260s. Nick will be heavier when it comes to stage weight, but what is important is his waist didn’t grow, his quads improved and his conditioning is on point. As long as Nick brings that fullness that he had at the Arnold and his usual top level conditioning, he will do very well this year at the Olympia.

In the video, Nick Walker mentions he feels no pressure and shows he’s confident in what his coach Matt Jansen, is going to do with his physique to peak him for the biggest show of his career. You’re able to see the hardness on Nick’s muscle and how he’s very vascular and lean. Nick also has a lot of separation which is very important. Nick is overall in phenomenal condition.

One key thing Nick should do before the show is tan. Having a nice base tan and prepping the skin before getting on stage is very important.

Nick and Matt both seem very confident and stressed-free in the way Nick’s going to look on stage. Even though the two didn’t work together the whole off-season, it doesn’t look like Nick was ever behind. Nick has made a lot of improvements and he’s coming back better than ever. Nick’s core looks better than ever, and the way he’s posing is really demonstrating the great changes a bodybuilder can make within a year, even at the highest competitive level.

Do you think Nick did enough this off season to come back better this year?

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!