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Sadik Hadzovic is a Bosnian-American IFBB Pro Men’s Physique bodybuilder. He is a prominent athlete in the division who won the inaugural Men’s Physique contest at the 2015 Arnold Classic. He is also an Olympia caliber competitor. Sadik’s last Olympia appearance was in 2017 and was set to make a comeback at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Unfortunately, that was not the case this past weekend.


Sadik’s Olympia history is fairly diverse. Sadik began his Olympia career in 2014, where he placed second behind Men’s Physique icon Jeremy Buendia. In 2015, Sadik showed a lot of potential but still fell short of the dominance of Jeremy, yet again. Jeremy Buendia secured his 4th title in 2015 and became the record holder for most titles in the division.


After the 2015 upset, Sadik decided to switch off to Classic Physique. He debuted in Classic Physique at the 2016 Olympia, but placed third behind Arash Rahbar and winner Danny Hester. Sadik came back in 2017 and unfortunately dropped down to 7th place in the Classic Physique division. After the 2017 Olympia, Sadik announced he would be taking a break from competing. Sadik came back to compete at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival, securing 6th place. Due to this, he decided to take another extended hiatus after placing 6th.


In 2021, Sadik decided it was time to step back on stage. He announced he would compete in the 2022 New York Pro. Sadik decided to share updates of his physique through videos and photos and looked absolutely peeled weeks away from his official return. Sadik wound up taking third place at the 2022 New York Pro and pulled a 1st place win at the 2022 Pittsburg Pro. After this success, all signs pointed at a possible Olympia return this past weekend.


However, Sadik posted the following on Instagram shortly before the Olympia:


“I know many of you were excited to see me back at this year’s Olympia. Unfortunately, I will not be competing. I want to wish all the athletes the best of luck on this final stretch!” Hadzovic captioned the post. “Like the great Arnold says: “I’ll be back” 


The reasons for his withdrawal haven’t been disclosed and his decision just 10 days before the 2022 Olympia showed to be a very anticlimactic end to what seemed to be a very successful comeback year for Sadik.