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All steroids are awesome and fun to use, but it depends on how they are used. It is also very dependent on how every person reacts to them when it comes to benefits and side effects alike.

Today, we discuss the world’s most dangerous steroids according to Google, alongside IFBB pro Victor Martinez and Generation iron. They joke about the list which includes the most dangerous alcohols….. as all alcohol is dangerous to some extent. They discuss various steroids from that list, such as D-ball, Clenbuterol (which is not a steroid), Anavar, Winstrol, Trenbolone, and Halotestin.

I consider Trenbolone to be the “crack” of steroids, which can change people mentally and physically. However, I acknowledge that different people react differently to steroids, with some having no side effects, while others have severe side effects, such as hair loss, acne, liver or kidney issues. I also warn against using oral steroids, as they are more toxic than injectables.

What is very important is the quality control and I recommend using pharmaceutical steroids rather than underground steroids. Most UGL labs are made in people’s homes, and the raw products are of questionable quality. I urge people to buy only the best and not to settle for some garbage just because it’s cheaper or easier to get.

The dialogue shifts to the importance of checking the heart, as steroids can also affect the heart. They discuss the benefits and side effects of growth hormone and debunk some common myths, such as that growth hormone can make your feet grow.

Finally, I agree that endocrinologists specialized in hormones know more about steroids than coaches or bodybuilders. I recommend getting regular blood work and scans to ensure one’s overall health.

In conclusion, I caution people to be responsible and safe when using steroids. I advise people to choose the best quality steroids and recommend getting medical checkups regularly.