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Nick Walker, the second place finisher at the Arnold Classic, recently discussed his journey to achieve the level of conditioning required for the event. He also talked about his thoughts on his placing and his plans for the upcoming Mr. Olympia event. In a podcast, Nick revealed that he and his coach Matt Jensen worked hard to achieve the desired level of conditioning for the Arnold Classic. Despite having only 12 weeks to prepare, they managed to deliver the conditioning that they wanted. However, some fans and judges wanted Nick to be fuller and bigger. Nick clarified that he had limited time to prepare for the Arnold Classic after linking up with Jensen only 12 weeks before the event. He also pointed out that he had only gained seven pounds since the show, which was not that significant.

Nick’s coach, Matt Jensen, revealed that he was stunned by the level of conditioning that Nick achieved for the Arnold Classic. He admitted that he had never seen such lines on his body before. Matt acknowledged that he and Nick did not have sufficient time to prepare for the Olympia in 2022, and they could not get the signature conditioning that they always aimed for. Despite this, Nick managed to place third, his best placing so far. Nick aims to be even more peeled than he was at the Arnold Classic and ensure that he is as full as a brick house for the 2023 Mr. Olympia.

Nick’s physique has come a long way since he started bodybuilding. However, his shape still has room for improvement, particularly in certain poses, such as the front double and front lat poses. Guy Cisternino, a former professional bodybuilder, observed that Nick’s shape was much uglier when he started bodybuilding. Although Nick has improved his shape drastically, his torso is still longer than his lower body, and his proportions from top to bottom don’t match. This is a disadvantage when standing next to taller and more symmetrical bodybuilders, such as Andrew Jacked and Samson Dauda, who placed third and first, respectively, at the 2023 Arnold Classic.

Despite this, Nick believes that he can beat Andrew and Samson with his muscularity, separation, conditioning, and improved posing. He does, however, acknowledge that the judging criteria may have changed and that he needs to prioritize his aesthetics. Nick believes that if the judges want him to be fuller, he can bring that, but his primary focus will be on being even more peeled than he was at the Arnold Classic.

In conclusion, Nick Walker is a determined bodybuilder who is committed to improving his physique and winning titles. Despite limited preparation time for the 2023 Arnold Classic, he managed to deliver the conditioning that he wanted, which helped him to achieve his best placing at the Olympia so far. His shape has improved drastically, but he still has some room for improvement in certain poses. With his strong work ethic and dedication, he is sure to make strides towards his goal of winning the Mr. Olympia title.