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Bodybuilding fans are excited about the upcoming 2023 season, and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Derek Lunsford, who has officially talked about his off-season plans. Recently, Derek discussed his goals for the upcoming season, reflected on his performance at the Arnold Classic, and shared his plans for the Mr. Olympia.

Derek’s decision to skip the Arnold Classic has been a topic of much discussion in the bodybuilding community. When asked about it, Derek revealed that he had considered competing but ultimately decided against it. He explained that he continued training as if he would compete in the Arnold Classic, which gave him the opportunity to think about it, pray about it, and discuss it with his wife and his coach, Hany Rambod.

Derek acknowledged that competing at the Arnold Classic would have been a great opportunity for him to win a prestigious title and earn a substantial amount of money. He also noted that it would have given him an extra edge going into the Mr. Olympia, which is his ultimate goal. However, Derek ultimately decided against it, saying that he didn’t think he was good enough yet to beat Hadi Choopan or Nick Walker.

Despite his decision to skip the Arnold Classic, Derek is still very focused on his off-season training and has big plans for the 2023 season. He revealed that he weighed 260 pounds at a recent guest posing and hopes to be at around that weight with better conditioning this year. Derek is known for his incredible genetics and has the ability to grow rapidly, but he’s also aware of the risks of bulking up too quickly.

Derek’s coach, Hany Rambod, had advised him to take his time and grow gradually to avoid the risk of looking soft on stage. Hany’s advice seems to have paid off, as Derek looked incredibly impressive at his recent guest posing. Derek is hoping to build on that success and make a big statement at the Mr. Olympia this year.

Overall, Derek seems very focused and determined to achieve his goals in the upcoming season. While he may have decided against competing at the Arnold Classic, he’s still very confident in his ability to compete at the highest level and win the Mr. Olympia title. Fans will be eagerly watching Derek’s progress in the coming months and cheering him on as he works to achieve his dreams.