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Ten years ago, “Liver King” (Brian Johnson) the famous Instagram star, Entrepreneur and Fitness influencer from the United States was living the ancestral life before he created the “Liver King” persona. It shows that he is not lying to us. And actually was the Liver King before “The Liver King”.

Brian Johnson was the Liver King before his persona was created. His content then wasn’t as attractive as now, as he now changes his voice and looks and “demands people’s attention” to make people more interested. His marketing and social media skills are genius.

As we see the Liver King strapping up in the video, he looks very lean. You’re able to see his tricep heads, his chest and abs poke through his shirt, good muscle on his delts and some vascularity. This proves before the steroids that he was built and had a lot of muscle.

In the video, Liver King’s son is seen with blood on the side of his face after eating, which proves Liver King was eating raw meat and liver years ago before his persona, which shows he was doing then, what he does now on social media. Everything Liver King said he was doing all this time, he was telling the truth.

Unfortunately, now he skewed people’s perception of him as he confessed to lying about taking steroids and PEDs to enhance his physique, which is a big deal as he claimed to be natural relentlessly, dozens of times.

Before everything, Liver King was athletic, strong and competing in Olympic weightlifting before “Liver King” was ever created. He was living the ancestral lifestyle and eating raw liver with his family and selling his supplements, which checked out everything he was telling us.

Do you think if Liver King spoke honestly about his steroid usage before being caught he would be bigger than he already is?

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!