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IFBB Pro Legend bodybuilder Robbie Robinson was a guest on the Generation Iron Podcast and he was asked to comment on the 2022 Mr. Olympia contest, but things started off on the wrong foot. Robbie did not know the competitors by first name. He was constantly confusing the bodybuilders, didn’t come across as someone that watched the contest, and he spoke about Chris Bumstead, Nick Walker, Hunter Labrada, Brandon Curry and Big Ramy.


Robbie Robinson said some dumb things throughout this podcast. He mentioned this was the worst Olympia ever, and seemed to know nothing about the show or bodybuilding. He was criticizing Brandon Curry and how he trains, without even knowing who he was talking about, saying he doesn’t look good due to using machines, which is completely inaccurate.


Then, he trashed IFBB professional bodybuilder, Dexter Jackson, saying he didn’t make enough progress. Dexter had one of the best bodybuilding careers in history and ended up taking out Jay Cutler in 2008 because of how good he was. He has one of the most successful careers in history and I highly doubt we will see another pro bodybuilder do what Dexter did in his career. I believe the machines Dexter used gave him that longevity, so for Robbie Robinson to sit there and discredit Dexter for not making enough progress, it’s ridiculous.


Then, he spoke about Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder Chris Bumstead, saying he did the Arnold classic and how he did not come back better this year. Robbie says Chris is afraid to take supplements when Chris has an autoimmune disease and a weight cap that limits his use of “super” supplements.


Then, they ask Robbie what he thinks about Derek Lunsford, and he says he isn’t familiar with him. He then says Nick Walker isn’t big enough for his standards, when Nick is 260 lbs at 5’6. Lastly, he mentions Hunter came from the 212 and should go back, when Hunter never competed in that division, and then Robbie also mentions a guy named “Ramsey” who isn’t even competing. I think Generation Iron should be embarrassed putting this interview out, when Robbie obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Watch full video below.