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Men’s Physique Champion Erin Banks and former Mr. Olympia, Jeremy Buendia argued head to head on the OlympiaTV YouTube channel. Erin Banks does not like Jeremy Buendia and has allegedly blocked him on Instagram. Buendia plans on coming back in 2023 to battle for Erin’s title.


First we take a look at Jeremy Buendia and his comeback to the Olympia stage and what type of package he plans on bringing to attempt to win the title once again. Jeremy mentions he’s younger than the other guys and more fresh coming out of his prolonged offseason. Jeremy is younger, but I believe he’s not that fresher, because he suffered a pec tear, which is very distracting from his front poses and will take away his symmetry. He has not been training for the last 5 years, but only for about the last 12 months. It isn’t like he’s been working on his physique for the past 5 years, so he most likely won’t be much different from where he left off. If Jeremy wants to win another Mr. Olympia title, getting bigger is not the answer. He has to come in shredded, dialed in, and absolutely peeled to beat the bigger competitors.


Jeremy mentions that his full potential still hasn’t been reached yet, and he believes his physique is going to be really hard to beat, despite the size difference between him and 2022 Men’s Physique Olympia winner, Erin Banks. Jeremy believes it will come down to the conditioning and shape. He thinks that’s where he’ll prevail. I completely disagree with this statement as Erin’s flow, balance and symmetry are unbelievable, and his v-taper and back are insane. This is where Jeremy loses points, as Erin’s back is probably the best back we have seen in that division. Erin is tall and his shoulders are extremely wide, he has a super small waist and is extremely good at posing. I believe Jeremy is not going to be able to touch that title.


Then, Erin Banks admits that he did block Jeremy Buendia. Jeremy seemed upset and was complaining, saying he was just trying to give advice. Jeremy claims he’s the guy coming after Erin’s title and that he shouldn’t unjustly block people for being criticized. However, it doesn’t make sense that Jeremy is saying this as he did the same thing to me and blocked me over a news story.


I believe Jeremy hasn’t changed or matured at all, as you can see hints of the old Jeremy throughout the interview. Then, Robert Cicherillo tries to create more animosity between the two guys by saying Erin should unblock Jeremy, as they’re two great competitors and should open up some dialogue. But this request is denied by Erin and they continue to trash talk.


I do not believe Jeremy is ready for a comeback, as I believe that if he was ready, we would see him at the Arnold in 10 weeks. Do you think Jeremy can back up his claims?

Watch full video below.