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IFBB Pro Andrew Jacked placed 8th at the 2022 Olympia. At the time, he was working with Coach George Farah. After only 1 year, he decided to leave George and hire nutritionist Chris Aceto and trainer Chris “Psycho” Lewis. Not only is he getting a new nutritionist, he’s also getting a new trainer. This is a big move for Andrew as Chris Lewis knows what he’s doing and trained Shawn Rhoden and Dexter Jackson. Chris really pushed Rhoden to a whole new level. 

Chris Lewis is an expert when it comes to training, which is why this changeup is picture perfect for Andrew. Chris will not step off the gas pedal with Andrew and it will set him up for success. If Andrew doesn’t win his upcoming show, he has to do another show to qualify for the Olympia. I truly believe Andrew can win any show on the planet right now other than perhaps the Arnold Classic and the Olympia. Andrew at his next show is going to look really good because it gives Chris enough time to learn Andrew’s body, give him time in the gym to develop the muscles that need to be improved, and get that detail out of his physique that we’ve been waiting to see. If Andrew has the proper training, appropriate guidance, is being pushed in the gym, makes sure every rep counts, executes his training perfectly, and stays on top of his nutrition, I can’t even imagine how incredible Andrew will look on stage.

The last Andrew Jacked that we saw on stage is going to be blown away by the new and improved Andrew. Andrew needs to focus on dialing his conditioning as it can alter how well he performs at the Arnold. If Andrew is not properly guided, he will not know what to do on his own. Now that Andrew will be dieting and training properly, he has a lot of potential for his future and may be the winner of the Olympia in the years to come.

Watch the full video below.