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IFBB Pro Hunter Labrada placed 7th at the 2022 Olympia. He dropped 4 places from the 2021 Mr.Olympia. He is still working with his coach, Ben Chow. Hunter gave us a new updated diet and training program, but I don’t see these changes making any true difference in his physique. 

Coming out of the 2022 Mr Olympia, Hunter Labrada, has been a pretty big topic of conversation the past several weeks. Unfortunately, not because he did well or looked better, but because he bombed the Olympia. Looking ahead a couple of weeks after the Olympia, it looks like Hunter Labrada is back in the gym training, but there seems to have been changes to his diet. Hunter Labrada gives us a physique update and a diet update today. 

Allegedly, it doesn’t look like Ben Chow was fired after Hunter’s suboptimal Olympia performance, so Ben and Hunter are still working together as of now. Hunter’s diet is really not much different than what he was doing before. There might be one extra whole food meal in his plan, but everything else is pretty much the same.

I believe Hunter should be competing in this year’s Arnold Classic. This could be a way for Hunter to fill his body back up, improve his diet, and redeem himself at the Arnold in March. Looking at Hunter’s Physique, he has definitely filled out and he’s still within striking distance of stage ready if he ends up competing in the Arnold.

Hunter needs to redeem himself and dial in the diet. He’s lean enough, massive, and filled out right now. Hunter could realistically create a lot of commotion at the Arnold. The odds are definitely in his favor, as there aren’t many competitors at the Arnold. More than the possible cash price, this could be a big confidence booster for Hunter, which he needs going into his next shows since he needs to re-qualify for the 2023 Olympia.  


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