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Did Andrew Jacked show up on point like we expected him to be?


Professional bodybuilder Andrew Jacked, went from winning his pro card, at the Texas Pro, to winning the Arnold UK, to placing eighth at his first Mr Olympia, in his first year of competing as a professional bodybuilder. Andrew was able to accomplish things no one ever thought he could accomplish.


Andrew could have looked better at the 2022 Mr Olympia, but as his first year of being a pro, he couldn’t have had a better outcome. The problem with his physique last weekend was that his conditioning was not where it needed to be. When having shape, symmetry, conditioning and balance, you’re always going to do well and have an advantage. All these things are massive strengths for Andrew. Not only is he perfectly symmetrical, proportionate and huge, but he’s also 6’2 with super-round muscle bellies and decent conditioning. If Andrew dials it up a little bit, there will be a whole different outcome for him. Andrew needs to look for a good coach, such as Hany Rambod. All Andrew needs is some very fine tuning, as his physique and foundation is already there.


After seeing Andrew this past weekend next to the top bodybuilders in the world, he needs to add more muscle tissue to his arms, specifically his biceps, triceps and upper back. As far as his lower body goes, bigger legs will, of course, always help, with better detail all the way to the hip. He needs thicker quads, and more on his side chest and triceps. When he turns around, I believe his whole posterior chain needs a little tweaking, especially the hamstring, adductors, glutes and his lower back. If Andrew is able to bring this detail next year, he is going to be a serious threat and may even be able to jump to first place.


He also needs to work on his skin and make his body fat much lower to reveal the details underneath, but first he needs to gain that muscle before the details. As he pushes his conditioning further, his muscles are going to show and it will be lights out from every pose.