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2022 Mr.Olympia head judge Steve Weinberger explains the competitions placings, on OlympiaTV’s YouTube channel. Steve also dives into his theory on Big Ramy’s issues, why Andrew Jacked is a threat, Nick Walker’s X-factor, if Hadi Choopan can win again, and if Derek Lunsford can win the Olympia. 


In this video we see head judge Steve Weinberger, Robert Cicherillo, Terrick El Guindy and Hany Rambod. They discuss Big Ramy’s physique. They are very  disappointed by his performance and point out that Big Ramy had a lot of issues on stage. Big Ramy’s physique is starting to break down and become unfixable. His best years are way behind him and his physique has gotten worse every year.


Big Ramy seems to have a lot of injuries. In bodybuilding, even the smallest injuries need to be acted on fast. They need to be fixed at the right time. Big Ramy lets them get progressively worse and ignores them, which has put his career in jeopardy.Hany Rambod believes that Big Ramy has some type of nerve damage going on in his body, which shuts down multiple things. This isn’t good for Big Ramy’s career. 


Then, they talked about Andrew Jacked and how he could be a real threat to the title. If Andrew was in perfect shape, he could have bumped a lot of guys down. I believe by next year, we are going to see something special from Andrew. 


Lastly, they discuss Nick Walker, and how he’s going to go far in his career. Nick was a very dangerous contender going into this year’s Olympia. Hany mentions Nick’s greatest accomplishment this year was his consistency. Nick is very good at nailing his look on stage, especially when it counts, and has yet to be off in a bodybuilding show. Nick may not have the best gifted genetics when it comes to symmetry and small waist size, but he has the freak factor. Nick is conditioned, separated, has great detail, and is very consistent. Nick will always be a threat to the Mr. Olympia title.  

Watch the full video below !