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In a recent video, renowned bodybuilding coach Greg opens up about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s confession regarding his steroid use during his heyday. While Arnold has previously admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs when they were legal, he now condemns their use in contemporary bodybuilding. However, Greg Doucette challenges the authenticity of Arnold’s claims and highlights the need for transparency in the sport. This video raises important questions about the physiques aspired to by the younger generation, the influence of role models, and the ethical responsibility of industry leaders like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to the video, Arnold states that during his prime, he used 100 milligrams of testosterone per week along with three daily doses of Dianabol, each consisting of 15 milligrams. Greg argues that these dosages are unlikely to have produced the iconic physique Arnold is known for. He believes Arnold’s confession may not encompass the entirety of his steroid use and questions why Arnold does not disclose the full extent of his cycles, including other commonly used substances like Primobolan and Winstrol.

Greg further asserts that transparency is lacking among bodybuilders and calls for athletes to openly share their steroid cycles. He points out that while many individuals admit to using performance-enhancing drugs, they rarely disclose the specifics of their regimens. Greg himself claims to have divulged his own steroid use in detail, highlighting the importance of being forthcoming about past experiences to educate and guide others.
Genetics play a significant role in achieving exceptional physiques. While some bodybuilders with elite genetics can enhance their natural potential with hard work and steroids, others may fall short of their goals despite taking larger doses. The concern arises when aspiring bodybuilders believe they can achieve similar results to their heroes by mimicking their drug regimens. This misconception, perpetuated by the secrecy surrounding professional athletes’ steroid use, can lead individuals to misuse and abuse performance-enhancing drugs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, as an iconic figure in the bodybuilding industry, has a responsibility to promote health and honesty. However, the video points out a contradiction: Arnold condemns steroid use while simultaneously promoting the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, a bodybuilding competition where the physiques achieved are unattainable without performance-enhancing drugs. The absence of a drug-tested category at the event further highlights the mixed message being sent to aspiring athletes.

The video emphasizes the importance of natural bodybuilding and questions why Arnold, with his influence and resources, does not promote a drug-tested category in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. By advocating for natural bodybuilding and implementing drug testing for amateurs and professionals, the industry can encourage healthier practices and minimize the risks associated with steroid abuse.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent steroid confession has sparked a discussion on transparency, responsibility, and the influence of role models in the bodybuilding community. The video raises valid concerns about the physiques idolized by the younger generation and the potential dangers of steroid abuse. It highlights the need for industry leaders like Arnold to promote natural bodybuilding, implement drug testing, and foster a culture of honesty and health within the sport. Only by addressing these issues can the bodybuilding community move forward in a positive and responsible manner.