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In a recent video that has sparked controversy and concern, popular fitness coach Greg discusses the alarming actions of the Tren Twins, who have made a surprising decision to abandon their diet for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. The video reveals their reckless behavior as they indulge in a dessert binge at a restaurant, followed by a cryptic mention of engaging in unhealthy practices behind closed doors. This video sheds light on the dark side of extreme dieting in the pursuit of a dream physique and raises awareness about the risks involved.

As athletes preparing for a bodybuilding competition, the Tren Twins’ decision to deviate from their strict diet raises eyebrows. While occasional outings to restaurants are not entirely off-limits during dieting, it is crucial to choose lower-calorie options that align with the goals of the diet plan. However, the twins opted for a different approach, succumbing to the allure of every dessert on the menu. This lapse in judgment demonstrates the challenges faced by bodybuilders when surrounded by tempting food choices.

Coach Greg emphasizes the psychological aspect of dieting and the ease with which individuals can rationalize deviating from their planned nutrition. He highlights the tendency to seek excuses to justify indulgence, citing examples such as the fear of missing out or the notion that a single bite won’t hurt progress. These justifications, coupled with the overwhelming temptation of delectable food, can lead to uncontrolled binge eating.

Greg touches upon the darker side of extreme dieting, pointing out that 25% of athletes involved in weight-class sports develop eating disorders (EDs). These disorders can stem from body dysmorphia, a condition where individuals perceive themselves as smaller or fatter than they actually are. In an attempt to achieve and maintain a specific physique, athletes may resort to extreme measures, such as engaging in unhealthy practices behind closed doors, euphemistically referred to as “number three” in the video.

While the video portrays the Tren Twins’ struggle to maintain single-digit body fat, Coach Greg stresses the importance of finding a healthy balance. He advises bodybuilders to stay within striking distance of competition shape during the off-season, keeping body fat levels between 10% and 12%. This approach allows for easier transitions into competition dieting and helps minimize the risks associated with extreme dieting.

Coach Greg encourages aspiring bodybuilders to approach the sport with caution and prioritize their overall health and well-being. Rather than putting excessive pressure on themselves, he suggests enjoying the experience of competing without being fixated on winning an IFBB Pro card in the first year. By embracing a more realistic and sustainable approach, individuals can build a foundation for long-term success.
The video of the Tren Twins’ actions sheds light on the dangers of extreme dieting in the world of bodybuilding. It serves as a reminder that the pursuit of a dream physique should not compromise one’s mental and physical health. The testimonial presented by Coach Greg serves as a cautionary tale, urging individuals to find a balanced approach to their fitness goals and be aware of the risks associated with extreme dieting. Ultimately, prioritizing overall well-being and taking a sustainable path can lead to better long-term results and a healthier relationship with food and body image.