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IFBB Pro & 4-time Classic Physique Mr.Olympia Chris Bumstead, AKA CBUM, discusses his recent bicep injury that occurred just 3 days before the 2022 Olympia. Chris said that he has not been training the last 5 weeks and has decided to get stem cells and peptide therapy to heal his injury. He also talked about his 2023 competition plans with coach Hany Rambod.


Chris is taking his bicep injury seriously. Chris is using stem cells, which are very good, as they will regenerate the torn muscle tissue very quickly and heal it even stronger than it ever was. He is also taking some peptides, such as TB-500 and BPC-157, which are amazing for healing and great for gut health. I used to use these too, whenever I strained or pulled a muscle.


Chris is only up 12 pounds since the Olympia. It’s good that he hasn’t ballooned up 20-30 plus pounds, because after a show most competitors gain a lot of weight. Chris is very lucky that he’s not ballooned up 20-30 pounds and he’s keeping his weight in check. This is very important if you compete, as this is the point in your career where you could really damage your health. Usually, after a show, you’re not controlling the food, and if your weight does fluctuate too much, your blood pressure goes up, your cholesterol gets out of whack, your liver enzymes are affected, your kidney values deteriorate, and you could do some serious damage, especially after doing a hard prep.


Chris works with Hany Rambod. Hany is not going to let Chris fall off. Chris wants to take his off-season seriously because Hany wants him to make progress this year. When you work with Hany, he is very on top of you. He is very controlling of his athletes, in a good way. Which is why Hany has been able to create so many Mr. Olympia’s, because he has such control over his athletes’ minds and bodies.

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