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Blessing does not have a coach going into the Arnold Classic this year. Multiple sources have verified that Blessing is no longer working with George Farah and this is a real problem because Blessing is doing a show and doesn’t have much time to find a coach. If Blessing doesn’t show up to the Arnold Classic in better shape and improved, a lot of people are going to start to doubt his potential. But if he’s really working hard, coach or not, he can still get into shape and avoid disappointing us, again. 


Blessing terminated working with George because he was disappointed in George’s lack of attention to him at the Olympia. This is hard to believe because Blessing wasn’t even ready to step on stage, he needed to be leaner and to peak better. Blessing has an opportunity to redeem himself at the Arnold before going into a full-blown off-season. 


In the 2022 Olympia, there was a big discrepancy between Blessing’s legs, but I do think they’ve gotten a little bit bigger since the New York Pro and the Indy Pro. Blessing has an injury to his knee, which holds him back from doing heavier weights with squats, leg presses, etc. Milo suggested insulin and a lot of volume to help Blessing’s legs come up, but I don’t agree with the insulin recommendation. Blessing has to work the angles, do more iso lateral movements, and improve his mind-muscle connection in his legs. 


At this point in his career, if his legs don’t get any better, Blessing is not going to win anything because he’ll have the same problems as Johnny Jackson did and Stan Efforting did, which was having a huge upper body but not that good of a lower body. Blessing needs to find a coach or a team to work with, maybe go to Kuwait, maybe hire Abdullah, and dedicate his life to bodybuilding for six months or a year, and he’ll come back a better bodybuilder. Brandon Curry is a great example of what he needs to do.


I think Blessing can have a very good career in open bodybuilding if he gets a team that knows what they’re doing and takes his off-season seriously.

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