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On Fouad Media’s “Bro Chat” podcast, Fuad Abia answers questions about lat injections, muscle damage from injections, and Big Ramy’s back. Fouad and Iain start talking about lat injections, and Iain says they probably cause severe nerve damage. Fouad clarifies for us that Big Ramy has some disc issues going on and that he’s going to see Dr. Akhan. If the discs are compressed, the nerves that run in between the discs are getting pinched or severed, and the muscles will atrophy and die off.


There are a couple solutions to fix this, including painkillers, getting injections, or getting the disc surgically removed. However, once the disc is removed, the muscle doesn’t come back, and the shape of the muscle will change.


Iain however, still is in denial about the possibility of him having similar issues. Iain should get an x-ray, especially if you’re in America, getting an x-ray is very easy. From this x-ray you will know immediately what’s going on with your back. Being in denial, pretending there’s no issue with your back, and claiming it was because you didn’t have enough sodium in your body, is absolutely ridiculous. Take care of your body before your career is terminated by your negligence.


After speaking to many individuals who are experts and experienced in the field, the following things must be kept in mind In order for an injection to be performed correctly:


  • You MUST use an intramuscular needle. If you don’t, and you’re not injecting that oil into the muscle, you’re going to run into some serious problems. 
  • Make sure you go slow when you’re puncturing the needle into the skin.
  • When you inject into your body, be careful not to damage blood vessels or hit a nerve. If you do, you’re going to have pain the next couple days and you’re going to develop scar tissue.


When doing injections, I would suggest sticking with your glutes, your quads, or your delts. The more frequent injections you do, the more of a risk you run of damaging blood vessels, so you have to be careful how much oil volume you’re putting into an area at one time. The bigger the muscle, the more oil it can handle.


Ramy was having issues with his quads and his lats because he wasn’t injecting only gear in those areas. Ramy was using some type of SIO, site injection oil, which is made to stick around a lot longer than steroids. The size of the muscle has everything to do with the injection area, but the major factor is what the chemical is. If you’re injecting a substance with impurities in it, or if you’re buying your drugs from UGL labs, you have more of a chance of having issues than the injection itself.

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