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Today, we review Larry Wheels and Blessing Awodibu training and discussing their respective sports and more. Larry, also known as “The Beast”, is a multi-time world record holder and one of the strongest men on the planet. Blessing, known as “The boogeyman”, is a Nigerian powerlifter who has made a name for himself with his impressive lifts and unique style. Together, they represent the pinnacle of strength and athleticism in the sport. From their training routines to their competitive highlights, this video will give you an inside look at what it takes to be a top powerlifter and bodybuilder. Blessing Awodibu also discusses a leg injury that could potentially ruin his bodybuilding career!


In this video, we see Blessings leg injury for the first time ever and it’s very freaky looking. One of his legs is longer than the other, causing one of his legs to bend the other way and his knee moves backward. This is what causes his left leg to not be as big and dense as his other leg. Unfortunately, there’s nothing he can do about that. Most bodybuilders are off from their left half of the body to their right and very few of them are close to perfect, but Blessing’s leg differences are substantially noticeable. 


Blessing has to stick to doing iso-lateral movements and focus on one leg at a time, so that the one leg can build up its own strength and not depend on the other leg. When you have muscle imbalances you have to fix them and work them out independently. Also, these types of injuries need to be taken seriously. Even though they don’t seem as big of a deal now, if they are not taken care of and competitors don’t heal properly, it will bite them back down the road. Chris Bumstead is an example of someone who needs to take his bicep tear seriously and give his body the time it needs to heal and repair. You always want to avoid ruptures at all costs.


Blessing needs to go to an athletics-focused chiropractor so he can get custom shoe inserts to be able to balance out his appearance. At the same time, that will only visually help him, he needs to train his legs iso-laterally to be able to bring his left leg up to par with his right leg. The difference between them is very noticeable on stage and he needs to prioritize iso-lateral training for his lower body.