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In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, collaborations between famous YouTubers and bodybuilders are a common occurrence. However, the recent collaboration between Bradley Martin, Blueface, and Krishan Rock at Bradley Martin’s new gym, Zoo Culture, has caught the attention of fitness enthusiasts and fans alike.

The collaboration, which was filmed and uploaded to YouTube, was a mix of workout routines, lifting competitions, and banter between the three stars. The video begins with Blueface getting some advice from Bradley on how to bulk up. As the workout began, the three stars set their goals for the day. Blueface and Krishan Rock both wanted to lift specific weights when they bench pressed, squatted, and deadlifted. The video then showed the stars pushing themselves to their limits, with Bradley praising them for leaving it all on the table.

Krishan Rock, who hadn’t worked out recently, surprised Martin and Blueface with her impressive strength, lifting 225 pounds with ease during the deadlift portion of the workout. Benching 225 pounds, untrained, is extremely impressive and commendable. Krishan definitely excelled during this collaboration.

However, Blueface struggled to lift as much weight, failing to lift 225 pounds during the bench press and squat portions of the workout. Despite this, Blueface managed to impress with his deadlift, lifting an impressive 365 pounds, weighing only 175.

The video ends with Bradley praising Krishan Rock’s physique and athleticism, noting that if she dedicated herself to a fitness career or any sport, she could easily become a professional. Overall, the collaboration was entertaining, impressive, and left fans eagerly waiting for the next video from Bradley Martin’s Zoo Culture.

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