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Calum Von Moger is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model from Australia. He first gained prominence in the bodybuilding community with his victory at the 2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Brazil, and has since gone on to become one of the most popular figures in the sport. Calum has a massive online following, with millions of subscribers on YouTube and Instagram, where he shares his training and nutrition advice, as well as his journey as a professional bodybuilder. Unfortunately, Calum had some life-altering events last year, including a severe fall off a second floor balcony. Calum has been fighting to recover from this accident and alcohol/drug abuse since.


I was very surprised to see and hear Calum posting on Instagram that he was coming back into the spotlight. He’s back in the gym and dieting and wants to turn his life around, but I’m still not convinced just yet. There’s nothing better than a good comeback story, but I wouldn’t ever think of going to instagram first unless I had several months of being healthy, sober, and dedicated to the gym. It’s important to wait so you and your audience know what you’re saying is authentic and genuine, as most people don’t come out of an addiction ever or may be sober for a little and then relapse. Calum is going to have to battle this for the rest of his life, but as of right now, I am happy to see him standing on his own two feet and doing better.


Calum mentions he’s back in the gym, in his routine, and trying to stay healthy and focused. He also mentions he has all the help he needs, but, hopefully, he realizes that he needs to remain sober. He needs to continue that in order to stay healthy, because if he doesn’t, he can easily snap right back into that lifestyle.


Calum talked about working with Bucked Up Nutrition. I reached out to them wondering if they were going to sign or do something with Calum, and they said that as of right now, they’re not doing anything and are playing it by ear. They also want to see Calum prove that he’s back, which is a lot of responsibility for a supplement company to take on. 


This is a give and take relationship between him and his fans, as when you’re a public figure on social media you have to provide something for people to tune into. If Calum can’t deliver that anymore, then people aren’t going to tune in, they won’t buy your products or merchandise, so if Calum Von Moger doesn’t deliver, then the fans are just going to move on.


Then we see some new workout footage of Calum, where we can notice that he doesn’t look anything like he used to, but muscle memory is a real thing. When being able to build a nice foundation of muscle and if you get injured or have a setback like Calum, that muscle will come back very quickly when getting back into your regiment, but you have to be consistent.


Overall, I hope Calum learned a lot about himself from the past. He has to learn from this and understand he can easily fall right back into that lifestyle again if he’s not careful, so staying in his routine is very important right now.


Do you think Calum has changed?

Full video below, article coming soon !