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Nick Walker and Guy Cisterino’s new podcast is now available on YouTube. The podcast is called The Mutant and the Mouth and today we’ll be reviewing their very first episode! In this episode, Nick Walker speaks to Guy Cisterino about his Olympia competition and his thoughts on very specific individuals in the 2022 lineup.


Nick mentions Samson Dauda being a freak and believes Samson could’ve placed above Big Ramy in the 2022 Olympia. Nick mentions Samson should sit out of the Arnold and focus on making improvements for the Olympia, as he could cause a lot of havoc in 2023. Samsons only downfall was that he wasn’t conditioned enough. Samsons skin thickness is not there yet and is not ready to be at the top of the sport, but it’s almost there. Personally, Samson is smart for doing the Arnold in order to earn a paycheck. Also, for Samson, winning the Arnold classic title is very likely. 


Nick then mentions Andrew Jacked. Nick says Andrew made all the competitors look like amateurs. Everyone in the bodybuilding community has been extremely impressed with Andrew. He is the real deal.


Nick overall could have been in second as it really came down to what the judges preferred, but no one was beating Hadi Choopan that night. Nick mentions how he believes Hadi,Derek, and himself will all be in the top 3 again in 2023. Unless something happens where new competitors cause a major upset, I believe Nick is correct. Out of everyone in the Olympia lineup, Hadi Choopan and Nick Walker are the most consistent. Derek’s chest and shoulders were a little flat, which I believe is because he doesn’t have enough mature muscle in his shoulders, chest and legs yet. However, once the maturity kicks in, that’s where we’ll see the hardness, fullness and striations come through.


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Watch full video below, article coming soon !